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Thread: Volvo Radio Car on E-Bay......

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    Default Volvo Radio Car on E-Bay......

    April 9th, 2010.

    I may get into deep do-do with this one, but as I don't own the critter nor have any interest in the critter.... here goes! On EBAY under military vehicles you will find one really aesthectically challenged Swedish Army 1950's Volvo Radio Car. From the front end it looks like it is built on some really heavy Volvo truck chassis as a 4X4, with the hood and grill being essentially truck in origin, but the body is a really cool 4 door automobile sedan, styled more like the early 1940's cars, but huge, with a radio desk built into the back seat.
    She's missing a left rear fender, but it doesn't look like anything a respectable truck body shop could not fabricate, as its mostly flat curved or flat straight surfaces......
    Boy, I wish I were working now, as I think I would grab it just for the "What the h--l is it?" questions that would have to spring up anytime you drove the critter around. It's kinda like a one ton car version of an M37 or M43 radio truck (the Canadians had a Fargo versionof the M43 as a radio wagon).... OF course there is also a very cool M171 Ambulance jeep up for sale.... It's heck niot working and being able to blow the dough when items like these come up on the viewfinder......!!!!!

    Happy Hunting Fellow OD Iron Aficonados.....


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    BTW, "sugga" generally means "pig" (sow) in Swedish...

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