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Thread: Top 10 Deuce Modifications

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    Default Top 10 Deuce Modifications

    Whats your top ten mods you plan to do on your deuce or have done. want to get an idea of some of the things i might want to do to my deuce. I swapped the IP for a lds-1a and cup holders are soon to be installed. How about ya'll? what would you like to do and what have you done?

    Thanks for your input
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    In no particular order
    1. Custom blue rattle can paint job
    2. Seats out of a jeep cherokee
    3. Dynomax muffler
    4. Jatonka spin-on oil, primary and secondary fuel filter kit
    5. All fiberglass troop seats and headache rack
    6. Pyrometer
    7. Turned up fuel, (need to go more)

    That's what I've done, and to finish out my top 10

    8. M35tom .69 od kit
    9. 11r20 xl dueled in rear with 14.5r20 on front
    10. Air lockers in all 3 axles.
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    Wow... You should get some good responses on this one. I've got 2 so I'm doing different things to both.

    This is just on one truck.
    Here is what I have done:
    1. Added Walmart Driving lights on the back for backing up at night.
    2. Turn signal relay mod
    3. Axle vent tubing to central location in engine compartment. (fording mod)
    4. 12 volt 10 spot fuse holder for 12 volt stuff.
    5. 12 volt Walmart fan
    6. 3 outlet 12 volt accessary
    7. Added a hose for slobber tube.
    8. Recovered seats with digicam

    To do Mods:
    LED turn signal lights and tails. Already bought.
    Air tank dump solenoid. Needs to be installed.
    Convoy light. Needs to be put together and installed.
    Custom made shift boots to match seats.
    Rhinoline interior floor and bed.
    New paint job.
    Some other stuff that I am forgetting.
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    thanks for the input. i like to back-up lights might copy that one.

    Keep 'em comming
    1971 M35A2
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    I would like a pyrometer, a set of front lock outs, a pair of locking differentials, PTO winch for front, electric winch under the bed, a nice set of 1100 radials, removable receiver hitch, under bed storage box for tools, remote master cylinder reservoir, and a larger on board air tank for running air tools....want to set it up so I can valve it off when not needed.
    The five tons have dried up and are about gone, we have some deuce remains around, the military salvage yard is looking pretty empty these days!

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    My list of what I did on mine.

    1. Installed Peterbilt air horn
    2. Installed Coke-style bottle opener on front side of deuce bed next to the door.
    3. Cup holder.
    4. Mini-humidor in the glove box.
    5. Beer cooler on the front where the winch should be.
    6. 12-volt stereo hookup
    7. Pair of panties from a stripper I met in Baltimore hanging from the electric wiper switch.

    Still need to do:

    8. Install kegerator in bed.
    9. Install beer taps in the side of the bed, just opposite the kegerator.
    10. Install 2-person hammock in the bed for camping/relaxing.

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    This is my top 10:
    1. Add muffler (or re-plumb exhaust out the back)
    2. Upgrade tires to super singles or 11r20's if you like duels (modern radials)
    3. Add a reese style hitch to the back (and maybe to the front)
    4. Primary fuel filter upgraded to a spin on with wix base and filter

    That is what I've done so far...
    Here are other options...
    5. Bob the truck
    6. Lock-out hubs (to free up the front differential and one of the rear axles for road driving)
    7. power steering
    8. Locking differentials, so it will be a true 6x6
    9. seats, either springer or something else
    10. engine to a 6bt or something or just upgrade to anti-drain back, spin on fuel filters for the multi-fuel.
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    1 395 tires
    2 bobbed
    3 heater
    4 door lock
    5 windshield wiper blade and arm upgrades
    6 12v acc plugs
    7 cb raido
    8 civi receiver hitch
    9 new mirrors.

    To do
    Front lock outs, repair windows for less wind noise, repair axle boots, winch, modded hemitt rims, m16 holders,and slot of outher stuff.....
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    this is not for all my deuces most are for my M109a3 but some are for my M35a2's

    1. wehring's 20 ton receiver hitch. done
    2. spin-on filters. done
    3. drivers spring seat. done
    4. M-66 machine gun ring. have but not installed yet
    5. fording kit. have but not installed yet
    6. passenger side jerry can holder. done
    7. pto drive 10,000 pound winch. 1 done and 1 to go
    8. led turn lights front and rear. done
    9. led head lights. have but not installed yet
    10. 1100x20 tire upgrade. have but not installed yet
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    i like the l.e.d. headlights but havent found any that are in my price range. good looking truck
    1971 M35A2
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