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Thread: Proud American Guntruck History

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    Guys As an MP driver of a V-100 that ran convoys in Nam. It was great to know that when things went south you had gun trucks in the convoy. Our Vs and the gun trucks stood our ground time and time again. If one of us ran low on ammo we could count on each other for help.
    When things look bad it was great to see the gun trucks coming up the road and taking the fight to the bad guys.

    To each and every guy who was a driver or gunner on a Gun Truck everyone on who ran convoys says THANK YOU

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    Just found out that LT. Jim Biard was elected to congress as a (R) Rep. from Indiana, as it was once said of him to the medics as he was medi-vaced out "take care of the LT., he is a good one", AND he STILL IS. He lost his arm when the Proud American died after taking a hit from a rpg right behind the cab, killing the driver (A TRUE, REAL DRIVER)

    THANK YOU LT. BIARD then AND now
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    check this out


    Proud Americans!
    1968 M35A2
    1986 M1009
    1985 CJ10A
    1968 M274A5
    1972 M151A2
    1953 XM105E3
    1960 M116 Pioneer tool trailer
    19?? M416
    19?? Converto dump trailer

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