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Thread: Need Part: IP Pump Hydraulic Head Ring Clip needed to hold button on rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elk1111 View Post
    Did you figure out why it wasn’t starting? I am running into the same issue and could use some advice.

    As a matter of fact... Our Deuce has laid dormant since this button & clip failure. (Insert VERY SAD FACE here)

    Seems one of my posts got lost in cyberspace until I got this PM today.... I quote it here, along with my response...

    Quote Originally Posted by USAFSS-ColdWarrior
    Quote Originally Posted by gringeltaube
    Hi, I just stumbled upon this (6-month) old post - which I just approved - after it was held on moderation, for some strange reason:

    Your last post about that no-start issue was on 10-30-2016. Pretty sure you have fixed it by now. The obvious question is how...? Was it the button that had fallen off?
    WOW !
    I hadn't even realized that the post never got published.

    Yes, Sir, the button was found hammered our of shape in the bottom of the "well" along with the shattered pieces of the clip.

    Scrolling back in the thread, post #15 of mine mentions how I'd ordered a new one.

    The ARK (our Deuce) had been sitting ever since that malfunction (yes - TWO years) as I tinker with some other issues on her. My eyesight is now much improved and I'll return to reassembling the IP and putting her back into operation. I had to address a cracked clutch linkage rod end, a kinked brake line on the rear axle, and some serious upholstery & foam issues on the seats - the price of running her topless all year 'round.

    Thanks for kick starting that lost post.

    In addition to tinkering with other things on the deuce I've also been going through the WHOLE 5-Ton XM818's fuel system - hoses, fuel selector switch, manual primer pump - because it has ALWAYS sucked air. Old rubber lines and o-rings have been found throughout. AND while tinkering with THOSE MV issues I've also been tweaking some age-related things on our M105 trailer and the 220KAK Box Van Trailer.... What's the point of having a semi-tractor if you don't have a functional trailer to drag behind it, RIGHT?

    Anywaze, as spring weather is soon to be fully upon us all four of these MV's will be getting their RED TAGS pulled and put back into READY STATUS in the coming weeks/months.

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