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Thread: Vw Iltis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdave View Post
    Just seen this post, Here is a picture of a few of mine Attachment 675222
    Nice motorpool. I wouldn't mind finding another rolling chasis in decent condition I can drop in a 1,6 Turbo Diesel. Btw have you ever seen the correct issue C6 GPMG Mount Kit for the Command and Recce variant?
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    The Iltis is a great little 4X4. I worked on them from the day we received them in the CF till we got rid of them. Easy to work on and pretty reliable. I would like to get my hands on one to restore to former glory.

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    It's great to see these being restored and used.

    Personally, I caught the very first couple of years of these things, and I have VERY bad memories and feelings regarding them. We seemed to spend more time digging them out of stuff that the Jeeps didn't even look twice at, and more time pushing them off the roads than we did actually using them. I know the Germans loved theirs, but ours were a true GPOS.

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