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Thread: Failed MD CDL Class B due to improper vehicle!

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    Important Failed MD CDL Class B due to improper vehicle!

    UPDATE: I passed my Class B CDL test in my M934A1. Yes, you heard me correctly! Thanks all for the support!

    Greetings all,

    On Friday morning after months of preparation, I drove my M934A1 truck down with a friend to the Maryland MVA to take my Class B CDL test so that I could be legally licensed to drive my 5-ton.

    After about 30 minutes in to the pre-trip inspection, I concluded all of the physical checks and moved onto my brake tests. I started with the parking brake test, followed by my air brake 1-minute hold and moved onto the last part of the test where push in the parking brake (down) and fan the air brakes showing operation of the low air and subsequent release of the spring brakes after the pressure drops below ~40 PSI.

    Well, after the test was over, the MVA examiner looked over at me and told me that I failed because I did not push in the spring brake override valve (she pointed and simply said "that" while pointing to that valve). I was confused and explained to her that the override valve was not a parking brake and showed her that the spring brake parking valve was located on the top of the mechanical parking brake. Further, explained the function of the Spring Brake Override valve and that it is not used during normal operation of the vehicle and that this truck does not have a parking brake pop-out and explained the pop-out function if it did have one.

    I pulled out the operators manual as she went to get a supervisor, When she returned with the supervisor, I showed both of them the information on the spring brake override and informed her again that there is no parking brake "pop-out" like you'd find on newer trucks and if I pushed in the Spring Brake Override valve, it would have engaged the parking brake, not released it.

    My arguing was futile, both the supervisor and her agreed that I should be failed and cited that I did not bring a proper test vehicle to the driving test. I went inside and spoke to him further, asking him to point out where this is a requirement and even read the paragraph in the DL-151 manual where it clearly states that "air brake safety equipment varies per vehicle" and that you are being tested for the operation of the safety equipment itself.

    My current plan is to call first thing Monday morning and try to speak to the person in charge of the CDL testing and ask them about vehicles that were not manufactured with pop-out parking valves.

    Before I make that call, I wanted to see if anyone could offer me some advice. I do not have access to another vehicle to test in and the CDL testing sign-up is currently about 4 weeks out. In less than weeks I am going to an event and I need my CDL prior to that event.

    Thanks for the advice in advance,
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    Welcome to the Site. BTW, welcone to commercial vehicles too. Of course all States vary with their rules. I know its sometimes hard, not to argue with them...... try not to sound like it. And, ironically, they are probably the least likely, to have the practical knowledge to trouble shoot a problem with your vehicle. I have found, that as soon as I preceive an issue arrising, I ask them, how I should proceed. When she said you failed (right or wrong) ask what you should have done. They have to tell you. Then ask, what else? If they see anything else that your weak on? etc! Go back the next day, and take it again.

    First thought is, you might need to go now to a different testing facility, to get new Testers. Sounds like they are trying to disqualify your truck. But first, I would call and get a hold of your top DOT "truck cop" around there, and tell him of your problem. Ask him, if he would be so kind as to meet with you and inspect your vehicle, too insure that its a Testable vehicle, and ask that it can be verified some way. Most of thos senior truck cops are sharp, and know all the issues and problems associated with the the vehicles. Ask him, how that you should proceed. They might come out to your place and look your truck over. If they do, DMV will be hard pressed to disqualify it! Is there a DOT scale around there? Sometimes truck cops hang out there too. They even work on week ends.

    So Good Luck.... A sure way to loose, is argue with them! I'm not saying that you did! But you can't sound like your trying to teach them anything either. Ask them what part of the book to study up on, and you might get away with asking them how it applies to your problem. Try to flatter them.

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    When i got my class b cdl I rented a truck from penske that had air brakes and went and took the test. I rented the truck for the day to practice and get accustomed to it and go through the motions so I would be ready for the test. I thank it cost me $120.

    I definitely would call monday and see if you can get them to go for it. Otherwise try and talk them into bumping you up to the top of the list so you could go ahead and get it done.

    Sometimes it's just easier to do what the idiots are custom to then try to get them to change their mind.

    I wish you luck!

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    Ahh the wonderful world of petty bureaucrats. The best thing you can do is stroke them.

    The problem is they do not understand what they are doing or why they are doing it, they only know their routine. When you bring in a truck that does not fit within their routine it is easier for them to ‘reject it’ than to admit they do not understand how your truck works, such an admission would damage their self-proclaimed god-like power they have over you not to mention the fact that they would have to learn something new.

    IOW they do not know enough about your truck to determine if what you are doing is right or wrong. When you try to explain it to them you only confuse them and worse still confirm for them that they really do not understand what they are doing. The fact that you demonstrably know more about your truck than they know about your truck only damages their fragile egos causing them to become even more adamant in rejecting your ‘unsuitable’ vehicle.

    It’s funny that your vehicle is suitable to be licensed for use on the road but is ‘unsuitable’ for use as a testing vehicle so you can be licensed. I mean funny in a bureaucratic sort of way.
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    Take another truck... Pink Floyd said it best "Welcome to the machine..." and the machine is the MD MVA...
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    I think testing officials only know "by the book." I rented a tractor & trailer and took the Class A COMBI test, that way I'm covered for anything.
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    It’s funny that your vehicle is suitable to be licensed for use on the road but is ‘unsuitable’ for use as a testing vehicle so you can be licensed. I mean funny in a bureaucratic sort of way.
    The lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

    "Never argue with an idiot.....they will drag you down and beat you with experience every time."
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    I was taking the test for a church bus. The "inspector" disqualified it because of the color of the front flasher lights.

    It was an ex-Air Force bus and had single red flashers. She wanted yellow.

    Ended up driving the bus to a different location two hours away. No problems there.
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    Here in CA the examiners do not have a CDL and just went through some training. Your best bet is to rent a truck. You can call the local trucking schools to see what there rates are or have your friend rent one for the day.

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    If you were seeking the "Air Brake Endorsement" on the Class B, the truck has to have a pop out tractor protection valve for the test. Rent a's a few bucks, but worth it. If you have no rental facilities near you, check with a local trucks for a day (though I think you might not get yours back).

    Sorry to hear you ran into this. I was told not to prompt any questions, procedures in testing, or anything.......but I did all the talking, asked a few questions and the inspector had a good time (I think I explained more detail to him than he wanted in the pre-trip inspection, but he was happy when complete).

    They do watch for everything......brakes are the number 1 risk factor in these trucks.
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