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Thread: Oklahoma GL Site underwater or no roof?

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    Thumbs down Oklahoma GL Site underwater or no roof?

    GL SITE IN OKLAHOMA do they have a storage capacity problem???

    Too many items with water damage, every time! Is like paying for the stuff plus someone to haul and ship , get the stuff here and have to dump....not cool.

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    Yep even though most of their stuff is inside a giant warehouse and the pictured are taken indoors a lot of it is stored outside. Plus a lot is shipped in from all over where it was stored outdoors. I took these pictures last week down there. Any of the tents,seats or large items NOS in crates or boxes are stocked outside in the weather.
    Got the same tents from GL in 2 different locations, ones from Ohio the crate were still looked like new yellow wood as pictured on GL, the ones from OKC wood weathered, banding rusted, tents soaking wet.
    here is the pictures of the outside stowage and the crates I got, 2nd two are the auction picture! The big cardboard boxes in picture2 are the high back HMMWV seats.
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