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Thread: Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelspinner View Post
    Visiting Hot Springs AB in July. Any tips?

    well......besides “must get Timmy’s “
    hmmm, tips?
    Once north of the border, to confirm the person you're speaking with understands what you said, add to the end of the sentence. "Nice day eh!" The response could be, "Sure is by, stay where your at I'll come where you're to!"....or...a different reference, ""Boston's going to be a tough team to play against in the Stanley Cup eh?"""" The reply could be, Ya, but did you see Tarasenko turn things on?, He's got a heck of a shot eh? If Maroon and Perron can keep the energy up, the Blues will win the Cup. Marchand should be more polite eh?

    If hunting for Mallard, M R means Those Are, Here's an example,

    MR Ducks,
    MR Knott
    MR sew, Cedar wings
    Whale oil beef hooked,
    MR ducks.

    Hunting at the Hot Springs could be legal so wear bright clothes, not anything brown, black, beige, green or animal color. Touring the Banff Fairmont historic hotel with all the shops in the bunker basement is real cool. The town sites absorb the ladies while White water rafting, helicopter tours, rock climbing, jet boats await you just down the road in Canmore.

    I didn't tell you but the old post office and fall out shelter is still there, right across from Central Park on Buffalo and Bear street. It never hurts to walk in and ask to see the basement.

    Are you staying in Banff? The other side of the mountains to the west still have a few natural, undeveloped springs and the drive is nice. It's been a while but White Swan Lake has a spring on the way up Here's a link to a few more, just not where you're going.

    """"When you consider that tiny Japan has more than 3,000 known hot springs, while huge Canada has around 140, give or take, it’s practically a miracle how many of ours are (a) right next to highways and (b) exactly where you would have chosen to put them as a handy complement to our favourite forms of winter recreation."""""""

    Bring heavy winter clothes and light gear eh. Could snow, could be hot, I'm throwing an unusually cool forecast to you, hope I'm wrong but be prepared for Canada.

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    Just north across the highway from Banff is:
    - Two Jack Lake with awesome camp site on the shore
    - Lake Miniwanka
    (Within minutes drives of each other)

    Just West of Banff is:
    - Johnston Falls
    - Chateau Lake Louise
    - Lake Moriane
    (within minutes drives of eachother)

    These places are a MUST to see in your lifetime!!!
    Some of the above mentioned are a few of the most photographed places on earth. Just go for a little 10min walk away from the hustle & bustle at those locations and take it all in!!! You won’t regrets it!!!

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