1/3 scale B17


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Thank you for posting this up!

That photo of the aft view seems to show - I'm sure it's an optical illusion - that the clearance between the propeller blade-tips and each other, and with the fuselage may be nonexistent. Realizing the scale dimensions are most probably quite authentic, I'm sure they won't be clicking against one another.... but it sure "looks" too-close-for-comfort.

Again, THANKS for posting this up. I'd love to see her fly.


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John, if it's like a real B-17 (which it looks like it is), the outboard engines/props were slightly aft of the inboard ones, so the tips wouldn't be in the same plane anyway. And the nose will have tapered in some by the time it gets to where the inboard props are. :)

Checked a couple of other websites. It appears he has been working on building it for 16 years, it hasn't flown yet, but he plans to debut it at Oshkosh next year (2017)

My hat is off to people who have the whimsy to even consider building something like this, the fortitude to follow through, and the skills to make it happen.

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