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Northern MI
For those of you who put your trucks away for an extended period of time what do you like to do for storage? I will be looking at a 6 month winter storage. I will have the ability to visit it if needed. I keep debating if I should leave batteries in and start the truck routinely or just have it set till spring time.


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For unheated indoor storage I would place bait traps in the cab and engine compartment for the rodents. If you leave the batteries in the truck I would disconnect them to eliminate any possible parasitic loss and run the maintainers. Double dose the tank with fuel stabilizer and drive the truck before parking to make sure that it is completely through the fuel system. Leave the run/stop cable in the stop position to avoid a full throttle start come spring if the shutoff is stuck in the full fuel/run position. If you can't put the truck on blocks I would overinflate the tires some to help minimize the flat spot stress to the tires from being left in one position for an extended period.

I'm sure there is more and hopefully others will chime in.


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I go through a big bucket of TomCat rat/mouse bait every winter inside the barn. Sweep the mice up in the spring.

Put a 12v BatteryMinder trickle charger/tender with desulphate on each battery.

Watch when you start it so it doesn't go full throttle on you (like happened to me this year).

You could always have someone wrap it like a boat for storage. Uncle Sugar does that all the time with aircraft. :)


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Like Gypsyman SWbradley1 said, I would use bait traps/poison but also, tons of mothballs. I'd put them in, around the truck, around the heater, air filter, and all around the perimeter inside of the storage unit being used. If it's going to be as cold as weather predictions say it will, everything will be looking for a warmer spot to nest.

Everything else listed above is what I would do. It doesn't hurt to let the truck sit for a few months, but on decent days in the winter months, can't hurt to take her out for a drive for an hour or so.

Probably can't hurt to have an emergency kit made, inside an ammo can or something similar, to keep in the deuce and your primary vehicle. Some extra fuel certainly can't hurt either, with random shortages popping up, not the best time to be caught with your pants down. The farmers Almanac as well as other weather forecast systems are calling for an unusually cold and snowy winter for the Northern states and Canada, but MI was certainly stressed in more than one article.


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I leave the batteries in the truck but disconnected. I'll also have a trickle charger on 'em too. As for the tiny livestock, I'll fill up plastic shotglasses with peppermint oil and a cotton ball. 2 on the driver side and 2 on the passenger side . I've been doing this a while and haven't had any rodent or stink bug problems. I will also add fuel stabilizer into the tank.

Karl kostman

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I store my Deuce every year and sometimes 2 years at a time the only thing I do is put a trickle charger on the batteries, make sure your coolant is up to stand whatever the temp gets down to without freezing and keep the critters out. Dont start the truck till your ready to get it out for the year because you are doing nothing but making yourself feel better you are doing nothing good for the truck. I would also put some anti algae fluid in the tank. Pretty simple.
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