Fuel filter , OEM or swap m1028


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Marcy, NY
I used a self tapper and JB Weld and fastened the wires back in the hole so the harness had something connected to it. Done it on a few over the years. But I bought every switch I ever seen and used them all but 1. I still have 1 brand new switch.
Does the harness NEED to be connected to something for the truck to run? I just did this mod, removed the sensor and plugged the hole but I didn't reconnect the harness to the sensor (which I destroyed while taking out). The harness on the truck for the sensor has nothing connected to it now. I haven't tried to start the truck yet.


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Monroe, NC
I recently replaced my brick fuel filter with a spin-on with a chamber at the bottom to drain water, and a hand priming pump.

Had to fabricate a new bracket, the filter housing hit the valve cover when I installed it on the factory bracket.

Still have all the original stuff, too, in case I ever decide to swap it back.
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