Internal Bed Size for M923


The Envelope Please.
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IVO Tokyo Japan
Length as measured was exactly 168 inches (14 foot) as normally described.

Width as measured on the floor at the front of the bed (the fixed side portion to reduce the potential for any bends or bowing) was 87.5 inches. Back along the bed sides there is a potential for bolts from the reflectors. Reversing the bolts so the head is on the inside of the bed or cutting off excess bolt threads would reduce any issues. If side racks are used, anticipate the loss of another 3.5 inches for the legs of the seats. Same could be said if you plan to use the bed tiedowns.


Feo, Fuerte y Formal
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Memphis, TN
I will bump this for another measurement on a 923 bed. The ISO Beds for both the short and long lengths measure 89.5 inches from the inside of each bed side across.
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