Just wondering if it exists - bumper tire mount


McHenry, Il.
I have been toying with the idea of mounting a rear bumper tire mount to rear of one of my trucks, never have enough spares.
Well a bunch of us were talking about the larger 46 inch tires ( which most of us have mounted on our trucks) and who was going to take a spare tire ( a job in its sell)
and it got me thinking about a rear bumper mount spare tire holder - so another project to design and build.
While on the drawing board several concepts come to mind- but the functions and
custom application should be basic, and yet a one man operation. ( no body's
around when you really need them ).
So with a couple of parameters such as traversing support structure to move the tire and frame away from the trucks body, and then rotate the existing tire support
lift cradle in to a dead mans lifting position. With the tire mounted to the structure
then rotate 90% ( hopefully balanced ) back into a horizontal position and then pivot
back into a storage position and lock in to place--- well that's the concept.
So the question I ask is, has any body any pictures, drawing or even a prototype
design that would be helpful, thanks john. :roll:


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I think I would make it so that it swings out then rotates to horizontal. then the function would be the old ratcheting cable winch. nice and easy, a couple of clevis pins to hold things in place and done.

or use a simple cable/strap winch to swing an arm down after rotating out.

both simple and require very little effort to mount/dismount the spare.

all the good designs i have seen were on expedition vehicles - check over at expedition portal


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Loxahatchee, FL
Look for a member by the name of DARKSTAR he did a jeep style one for his oversize tires, complete with air jack to lift the darn thing, looks killer!

PM me and when I get back from vacation I will try to remember to send them to you with his contact info.


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Live Oak, Florida, USA
Spare tire

Now you know way I will not replace my duals with singles.

I have four spares and always ready to go without a hassle;
to change though you have to have a place to keep flat until
it can be repaired. If no place to store just abandon it; you
still have three more.

Good luck.


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Akenback acres near Gadsden, AL
Mount a standard deuce/5 ton mount on the tailgate.

When the tailgate is down the tire is ready to deploy. You might have to have a small hand mounted winch (think boat trailer winch) on the side of the bed to raise the tailgate when there is a tire on it (Especially a super single).

The cable on the spare tire mount would have to be lengthened to adjust for the higher mount.

You would have to be very careful when lowering it since it would be about face high and if it got a running start the bar could re-arrange your dental work.
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