Katrina Deuce Story - MUST READ


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Sparta, MI
Sarge from the Mil-Veh list posted this. It is his account of his relief efforts. http://lonestar-mvpa.org/events/2005/05_Katrina.htm
I read that story years ago, it's an amazing story what he did and the stuff he went through. The fact that he had help from active duty military members help fix his truck, the young men that helped him, the crazies that shit at him...what he did is something all of us want to do with our MV when there's a crisis and dad's pick up truck isn't going to cut it. If Hollywood ever got the rights to that and made a real movie script based on that, that man or his closest of kin better be involved for accuracy sake. What we do need is more patriots like this man, but sadly our country is filling with more and more careless people and those without a back bone. Every year on veterans day, I think of that man and what he did after he did his time in the military, he was retired but still serving his country, helping his fellow country men. 💪🇺🇸
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