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I have had my 1040 for a while now, getting ready to finally load test it now that the weather is getting warmer and will be pouring a pad for it to sit on outside. Right now it sits dry in the shop. anyway on to my observations and curiousness. my unit was slightly damaged on the bottom which is not big deal. It came from the big auction site out of Georgia. The thing that i had to do when i got it was remove all these tiny rocks from inside where the radiator and the inside behind the control panel. it looks as if a fan has shot the outside with these tiny rocks. A little damage to the edge of the fins and chips in the paint. I have noticed this on several other since then on that auction site at the same place, just wondering any guesses how this happens, considering none of these units have been deployed. The other thing i have noticed is on other units coming from that auction site although only 5-9 hours on these machines they are pucking oil out the fill hole. My unit is just fine, but wondering they call it blow by, but would this indicate an injector leaking by. maybe from a dried out seal from sitting in storage for 9-10 years?


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Ill chime in on this please... I have a new AAMPS -1040 10KW unit for sale. It actually has 34 hours operating time, but the hour meter shows 300 or so hours, simple enuff my Grandson turned to starting switch but didn't turn it back to OFF ... But either way its a low hour set in perfect condition, it has no issues of any sorts. Shipping available, unit price $8,000 Trailer available if you want it, no charge if you take it, no credit if you leave it. located in Wimberley, Texas
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