MEP-802 / MEP-803 startup routine


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MEP-802/803 ONLY starting checklist
Quad winding fuse installed
Ground is in place and wired

After the unit has been checked out for operating
2 x 12 volt batteries fully charged
phase selector set for 120/240 (or whatever your using)(behind control panel)
multi-meter to verify if gauges are working (accurate)
coolant full, overflow bottle checked
oil, and oil filter, check oil level
Fuel Tank- well nuts checked, dirt, sand, debris cleared out of tank, fresh treated diesel filled.
fuel filter cartridge checked
fuel/water filter checked
fuel return lines checked

click dead crank for a few seconds

move to normal
proceed to control panel.
Emergency stopped button pulled out
place meter selector to 1 phase L3-L1 view (knob pointing 3 o'clock)
turn start switch to PRIME & RUN, wait, wait some more, make sure the new filters are totally filled with fuel, wait some more, any excess return back to the fuel tank.
You here the primary pump, at first it sound hollow, then it starts to sound more filled, solid sounding. You could leave it here for 5 minutes if needed.
Finish turning to start and hold it... The starter will automatically disconnect, and the field will flash, and keep holding it to start, until you see the oil pressure is up. (it not, it will shut down with a fault) then let go.
Always when starting, turn to start and hold until you see oil pressure is up, then release.
Use the throttle cable to set the speed (60-61Hz) and then fine tune the voltage with the rectifier to 120/240
Convenience receptacle is 10 amps only. Check with multi-meter for power, fuse is behind control panel next to receptacle.
move the switch AC Circuit Interrupter closed, should lite green
check power at the lugs (L3 - L1)

OK, all things pass, gauges work, no faults, runs good, put a load on it.

Ready to Shutdown!
Open AC Circuit Interrupter
Let run a few minutes with no load to cool
Turn switch OFF.

Faults, errors, doesn't run, doesn't start, no power at lugs, incorrect voltages at lugs, and other problems -- read the forums, and post up in the forums with lots of information and pictures.
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On a 804a in prime and run, you will hear silence since it has a mechanical pump. To prime, you must unscrew the cap and pump it up until you feel resistance, then tighten the cap. You will hear the pump run in auxiliary fuel. The 804b has an electric main fuel pump.

The MEP-802A and MEP-803A units.

Start a thread about the 804
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