mep-802a mep-803a fuel tank insert tricks


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I had to replace that metal insert that goes into the fuel tank. It was rusty and I had a spare to substitute.

Those 5/16 inch screws are awfully hard to remove and even harder to re-install.

So, here are a few tricks to make installation easier....

loosen the two hose clamps first - make 'em good and loose so that they don't interfere with installing the screws. You've probably already done this since the old insert has been removed.

next -- transmission assembly grease (TAG) - the blue stuff that will holds those transmission bearings in place. It is really sticky and dissolves in oil.

I coat the interior of the rubber flange gasket and the entire outside of the fuel tank insert with TAG. It lets the insert go in easily.

Next are those pesky 5/16 screws; not really the screws, but the 3/8 inch nuts that go on the back.

Align the holes in the frame with the holes in the insert. Insert screws into the holes to keep it in alignment.

Back to the TAG again. Put plenty on a nut and slide it into one end of a 3/8 combination wrench and put the wrench behind the body piece. Remove one of the screws and look through the hole until you can see the nut at the end of the wrench and gently insert the screw and engage the nut. Fasten it down tightly with a nut driver. Usually it is best to start with the top screws and work your way down.

It's been a long time since I overhauled a transmission, but I find that the TAG has many other uses besides transmissions.

Other tools that prove awfully handy -- a magnet, mirror, and some gun oil that comes in that plastic tube that has a ~2inch 'needle like" tip

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