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Getting real close to do tires on my truck, 1952 M35, going back to duals from single 11.00R20s'.

Couple questions on tube size and flap size. I haven't fully decided on going 9.00-20 or maybe stepping up to a 10.00-20. If I get 9.00-20 tubes, could I still use them in a 10.00-20 tire? I know there is a certain range, and most of the time is listed on the tube, for example, when I did some 7.50-16 tires, the tube was sized for a 7.00 to 8.25-16 tire. But haven't found much info on 9.00-20 tubes.

Second is the valve stem, what is the correct code? I'm seeing tubes with a TR444 stem(4-5" long, bent) and also for TR442(3-4" long, bent), I have 3 different lengths on the truck now(all between 3" and 5"). I know I want to stay on the longer side, the short one is difficult at best to even check pressure, let alone fill it. But I also don't want it too long.

Third is flaps, I have found 3 sizes, a 20-5", 20-7", 20-8", all center valve stems. What size does the stock rim take? I'm thinking the 20-7", but would like to know for sure.



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My recommendation is 11.00R20 or 12.00R20 dual or singles (as you prefer). The 9.00-20 are unnecessarily small. The tubes cover a few tire sizes.

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