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Thank you for accepting me in your forum. I have been a member of the MVPS in the past and looking to join again, as my interest in MV has surfaced again. My past vehicles was a CCKW
352 . Dodge WC57 Command Car. To start my next round I shall look for a K51. So thanks again and have a good day.
I have a background in Diesel Mechanics and conventional power generation. I work at a Solar Farm now, we sell sunshine! I am presently working to go off grid.
Have you experienced running a rear axle locker in the snow/ice on a 10 wheeler or a deuce? Im planning on chaining up, but for those unfortunate times when one side of the truck looses traction on a shoulder, Id like to have one wheel on the other side biting some ground.
Probably best to start a conversation with them instead of posting on their profile.
Sorry, I haven't figured out the new system yet. I have got my pics to be upright instead of sideways. I hope this posts wherever it belongs.
You're replying to a post you're making on snowtrac nome's page. Not to a thread.
Hello, I have a 1977 w200. I had manuals for itat one time but due to computer problems they are lost. Where can I get the pdfs for the truck?
Hello all! I'm a brand new first time owner of a M105A2. I live in Garland, Texas, and am excited to get my trailer scootin' around!
Hello there, I like your 50amp plug box on the side of your generator. How did you attach (self tapping sheet metal screws)? Trying to figure out the best way without making to many holes.
Thanks, Chris

I removed the inner boot and it's square bracket, then reused those bolt holes , drilled holes into the 50amp box to match pattern. Then used longer nuts & bolts. I've since changed it to a lower profile one. I can't figure out how to upload pictures in this new format or I'd show you.

E-mail me
Thanks for getting back to me, I ended up using bolts that were already in the side of the genset and drilled new holes in 50 amp box like you did. I just mounted mine a bit higher - even with the top of generator. I'm not having any luck posting my picture as well - not sure what the deal is. Anyway - thanks for posting / great idea.

Well, You know what 'They Say'.....A change is as good as a fortune..good luck with your move and future.
Still alive & kickin' and if the Good Lord is Willing, we're moving to Arizona this year for our REAL retirement.
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