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I won the bid on GOV PLANET on a MEP 803A I am looking for parts and operating manuals hard copy do are they available and if so please send link
send me email and ill send you a couple pics. they are in great shape good paint.. but the sides which are interchangable are 2 lefts. means the storage holes for the bows are in the same position. you can fix them by relocated the holders if you want to
Hey firefinder, I am interested in the 4 Smoke Ejector Mounts and and the "front" IFF Panel for my LMTV. If you do shipping, can you please provide me with a quote for those items to 90278? Standard USPS Ground or whatever is cheapest. Thanks, Drew.
Hello there, I like your 50amp plug box on the side of your generator. How did you attach (self tapping sheet metal screws)? Trying to figure out the best way without making to many holes.
Thanks, Chris

I removed the inner boot and it's square bracket, then reused those bolt holes , drilled holes into the 50amp box to match pattern. Then used longer nuts & bolts. I've since changed it to a lower profile one. I can't figure out how to upload pictures in this new format or I'd show you.

E-mail me
Thanks for getting back to me, I ended up using bolts that were already in the side of the genset and drilled new holes in 50 amp box like you did. I just mounted mine a bit higher - even with the top of generator. I'm not having any luck posting my picture as well - not sure what the deal is. Anyway - thanks for posting / great idea.

Hey Gary;
was just fooling around on internet and found your posting on hayes diesel klr.
Do you still have it?
Reason i'm asking is I have a diesel Enfield and will be at a motorcycle rally in Murphy NC this spring.
Would be great to get together and compare notes (bs).
Just double checking on the tie downs. Pieces you need are the ones that are turn buckle type fasteners on angle iron looking mounts. There are six separate pieces (three on each side) Let me know if this is what your in need of. Thanks! HAWKMAN
yes this is what im looking for thanks
Sorry for delay. I meant to get back to you yesterday and it slipped my mind. OK so these are the parts you, shipping might be an issue but I see the truck is in NJ I'm not that far from the NJ border and might be able to meet @ Delaware Water Gap area if it works for you. As far as price goes I'm thinking $100.00 for all ( average $16.60 per piece) let me know if this works for you. Thanks HAWK
pm inbound
It would be really great if anyone on this website would even attempt to give me some advice but I guess nobody can help
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