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  1. PLEASE READ: Rules of Engagement
  2. Glad to see the new section
  3. Walk thru of the whole DRMO to GL to Customer process?
  4. Is this really necessary?
  5. Why no more trucks at WPAFB??
  6. How unwanted is the crap you get from GL?
  7. GL failed to provide invoice.
  8. GL reselling trucks
  9. Wait time
  10. Help with towing oskosh trailer Lejune NC
  11. GL vehicles
  12. How to count to 14...
  13. Robyn, need you to shine here
  14. Invoice versuses Bill-of-sale
  15. Photos in Auction don't match truck delivered.
  16. New Letter from Defense Logistics Agency
  17. Need help with GL REALLY fast
  18. Barstow Pick up
  19. Tax
  20. GL employee survey
  21. "buyer load only"
  22. Titleing on an older purchase ?
  23. Question about demil equipment
  24. Demil equipment to cities, non-profits ?
  25. Ending prices not shown on GL
  26. need a walkthrou for a virgin GL buyer
  27. Rant : Markings on equipment
  28. First EUC Records?
  29. GL SUCKS!!!!!!
  30. GL hassle
  31. What % of trucks work??
  32. Is the Cape Canaveral GL yard closing?
  33. GL Web Site with problems at Auction time!
  34. What is the EUC email?
  35. PM Robyn
  36. GL website SLOOOOWDOWN
  37. Now how did this happen???
  38. Hmmm,something fishy here
  39. Basic newbie questions
  40. So you get charged anyway, BEFORE EUC is approved?
  41. Same pic?
  42. Tax question for Robyn
  43. U.S. Citizen living abroad: How to proceed in auction??
  44. Colorado Title Info
  45. Drexel Gardens... What should I expect?
  46. Lot Price and Current Price?? What gives?
  47. G.L. speeding up
  48. Condition Codes?
  49. How long before Drexel "reloads"?
  50. GL's post auction prices still wrong
  51. No more $50.00 starting bids for Demil B & Q Property
  52. Anyone ever submit a claim to GL?
  53. any one buy anything from ft. meade?
  54. Walk away parts?
  55. SF-97 IN GL's NAME
  56. How to get them from entering the wrong CC exp. date?
  57. Need Help in Ky
  58. More incentive to shop!
  59. Well,I got Screwed By GL....
  60. What do you want changed about GL?
  61. GL took my $ but have not issued a paid in full invoice
  62. New to using GL
  63. Quicker Still
  64. Looking for a GL teacher in Dallas
  65. Why not M998s at GL auctions????
  66. premium
  67. GL re-listing
  68. govt liqidation is a mess
  69. Triwall?
  70. Not my max bid!!!!!!!
  71. Problem Report Resolution Returned to Battle Creek
  72. Heads Up on Sales Tax Charged - Refund Coming
  73. Could this be a problem with GL EUC???
  74. Adobe reader and GL EUC
  75. PA members
  76. Nearing end of CUCV GL availability?
  77. Auctions in Guam and Hawaii.
  78. GL sticks it to the small guys BIG TIME!
  79. Redstone Listing Descriptions
  80. New GL rule, PAY first! EUC approved or not......
  81. GL e-mail on Tax Collect.
  82. Just got a civi trailer on GL
  83. How does GL select the HOT LOTS?
  84. Future GL Regionalization
  85. M815 5 Ton Dump truck
  86. Rumor or Not - GL getting ready to Close some outlets
  87. GL ads disappeared...did I miss something?
  88. GL lots being pulled
  89. Bidding and Bid end times
  90. What does....
  91. Surprise email from GL
  92. GL the company is SOLD!?!?
  93. Good place to pick up a deuce.
  94. Letterkenny Question (Again)
  95. Gl Question
  96. Load out
  97. Low bids
  98. gl questions
  99. looking to start bidding on gl surplus - help
  100. Ohio GL trucks moving to Alabama ?
  101. I accidently bought three deuces, um help.
  102. Buying a CUCV What do I need to know?
  103. GL Price Increase
  104. GL changes pics after bids placed
  105. problems at frankfort GL
  106. How do you know?
  107. Tip of the iceberg?
  108. Shelter Listing?
  109. Looking at bidding on my first vehicle and have a couple questions
  110. Anything & Everything now $150
  111. Da form 2404 given at recovery
  112. GL Question
  113. Tax rate in Iowa
  114. Sealed bids
  115. GL Wachlist
  116. GL ads are back
  117. Are some locations BETTER than others?
  118. Item on auction in ohio
  119. What does this mean? "Problem Report Resolution Returned to Battle Creek"
  120. Is this the man in charge of GL?
  121. Anyone know direct phone number to Richmond GL
  122. auto bid question
  123. Keco A/C's today- a bargain?
  124. Cherry Point DRMO rep
  125. Anyone bid in event 4090?
  126. is this normal?
  127. OKC Warehouse Pick up
  128. Vanishing Auction?
  129. GL has extended a day on several auctions for?
  130. GL finally paid out on a complaint
  131. sealed bid auctions
  132. IA Event 4271
  133. looking for a good running deuce in colorado
  134. GL warehouse
  135. Auction date change?
  136. euc
  137. Delayed award times?
  138. GL dragging feet on claim
  139. SF97 form question-Purchase price
  140. GL just lost another customer.
  141. Gl says that them Mfr/sn is unknown
  142. Ft McCoy / Sparta contact
  143. Where did all the M35A3's go?
  144. newb ?
  145. invoice
  146. CA, San Bernardino, Barstow auction that just ended
  147. Another Noob Question on sales tax... Texas/Louisiana
  148. gl moving vehicles
  149. bad customer service
  150. Problem with my GL account
  151. Is there a actual # in B.C. to call
  152. What does govliq/military call a telehandler?
  153. Need some advice... GL and credit card issues
  154. fort drum good or bad
  155. Opinions needed on screwed up GL auction
  156. Talk about parts disappearing!
  157. Does GL do a soft records verification
  158. So you want to buy a cheap truck from GL?
  159. "representative pictures"
  160. Urgent Migration
  161. G/L bait and switch
  162. Bill of Sale for SF-97
  163. What's the catch with GL??
  164. What to expect?
  165. Battle Creek Phone number
  166. MKT Ft Meade results
  167. Dont know what to do
  168. searching, then the auction is on, and I can't find the items now.
  169. How do I print a copy of the invoice?
  170. help for users with firewalls.. ports pls..
  171. Transporting Vehicle Procedure/Under Hood Tag?
  172. Invoice
  173. Fluctuations in Inventory
  174. 100's of trucks at GL
  175. European Surplus Sales
  176. GL's Surplus on Demand
  177. Strange happening w GL refund
  178. Is there a GL FAQ somewhere?
  179. Ft. Lewis GL to Pull Tire Lots??
  180. When/how do I pay?
  181. Late fees when Regestering at D.M.V.??
  182. Order of events?
  183. I wonder why they pulled all the m35a2s
  184. GL wants my Deuce back
  185. Items that don't sell?
  186. GL Ads
  187. Got a letter from DLA today? No idea if this is good or bad.
  188. Is GL actually a Used Car Dealer?
  189. Been waitin' for EUC for 4671 and got this email today - ON HOLD
  190. GL Incompetence strikes again........
  191. Record Time At GL
  192. New guy... lots of question need some direction
  193. Ft. Bragg GL Rep
  194. Another wonderful day @ Creekside,OH
  195. Frankfort Site is a pain.
  196. GL info
  197. 7.00-16 tires in oxnard, CA
  198. Invoice
  199. What to use as a keyword on GL search...
  200. is anyone bidding in event 4878
  201. how do i find and get into auctions?
  202. Newbie needs Deuce help
  203. M.U.S.T - where can i get one?
  204. sombody HELP me
  205. GL tax question
  206. Nsn
  207. t shirts
  208. what are these for?
  209. GSA auction question
  210. Voting with my feet
  211. Why a 10 K bid deposit?
  212. Who bought a lot in Oklahoma City
  213. Details, details, details...........
  214. Status
  215. Qty in lot 2,605 in OKC
  216. GL..now in Video?
  217. speed'n up
  218. New GL Hold List?
  219. belts numbers
  220. Prices?
  221. First time GL'er. Need advice for bidding.
  222. Mutilation?
  223. Help with items I won today
  224. Marcus at ft knox gone
  225. Ads missing?
  226. Caution with loadouts!
  227. New GL/DRMS policy change?
  228. Change of location
  229. M35A3 question for a noob
  230. account suspended?
  231. GL Employee Damages My M1009 & Insists I Pick It Up
  232. Kentucky Sale?
  233. m35a2 deuce not running
  234. Lack of Sealed Bid Results
  235. Getting past sale results (and final bid prices)
  236. GL autobid
  237. GL Questions
  238. How does it work
  239. NSN Info
  240. "Sale Number 6000+" Question
  241. Search Agents
  242. New entry security at Ft Polk
  243. Hooks base support?
  244. Payment to GL
  245. need GL info for KY
  246. Auction Frequency?
  247. Duplicate account
  248. EUC Approval Delays
  249. GL Help? Shipping
  250. Paperwork at Battel Creek