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05-14-2005, 12:49
Hi fellas, Going to look at an M-37 next week. I believe it's a 67 and am told it's in very good shape. I was wondering though, I'm being told this is somewhat of a rarer vehicle as the cab is "molded" and not welded.
Any idea what that's about? Any suggestions as to what I should look for in particular on the truck? It is a college maintenance vehicle and

their asking $3,000 for it. Thanks in advance for your expertise!

Ohio, U.S.A.

05-14-2005, 16:22
It may be the college turned it into a project truck-especially if it is a tech college- and made the "molded" cab. Either way, it doesn't sound like it is true to the original M37 series.

If you intend to restore this to mil-spec, I would be leary of it as described. If you are looking for a good rugged truck to update and modernize, it may be worthwhile.

Still, it sounds intriguing as to what it is. Keep us posted.