View Full Version : M715 and M800 5 ton Installation Kit Stuff

05-07-2008, 13:02
Here some photos of the installation kit stuff I got. I don't know what is for the M715 and what is for the M800 series 5 ton.

I put the comments and questions on the photos themselves.

Maybe someone can confirm or tell me what this stuff is for both vehicle wise and function.

05-07-2008, 13:19
Pic 049 might be the mount for a dump truck (sugar scoop bolts to it). Without scale its kinda hard to tell but if it is, it mounts over the side vent of the truck.
Pic 051 might be the floor mount that the MT1029 bolts to. I've had kits that used that unstead of bolting the 1029 to the floor.

05-07-2008, 14:18
I was told at a convention that 47 and 53 are the inside and outside mount for a deuce. It would make since that it would fit any of that family of cabs.

05-07-2008, 19:36
Keep in mind that the radio for an M715 mounts in the bed. It actually mounts to the folded down troop seat right behind the driver. There are some pics of an installation and a copy of the TM with parts list over at The M715 Zone:


That should explain where most of the parts go. The majority appear to be M715 pieces.