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eased cpl
01-21-2010, 11:35
i am restoring a 1941 dodge wc 1/2 ton and I am wanting to put 9.00x16 tires on it stocksize is 7.50x16. some say that the 9.00x16s will not fit like the 7.50x16s, have heard they are interchangeable , I have seen them on other websites with the 9.00x16 tires and says they are stock could somebody let me know if they fit ? havn't had any luck thanks

01-21-2010, 17:12
I have seen alot of photos of 90016s on the 1/2 ton dodges. To bad you are not closer, I have big tires (buckshot) on my WC1, the old owner put them on new rims from Vintage power wagon, then mounted them on the truck. I bought it from him about that time. There is about 4 miles on the tires. I would let you talk me out of them.
One of the few, Frank USMC RET

01-21-2010, 18:53
the 750X16s are the stock size.
the 90x16s will fit the truck fine, You just do not want to mount them on original 1/2 ton wheels as they have very small lock beads.
You can use either M37/powerwgon wheels or WWII Dodge combat rims.
Where are you in PA?
I am in N right outside Phili

eased cpl
01-22-2010, 09:56
Hey thanks alot for the help. I'm in mercersburg would be south central area

eased cpl
01-22-2010, 10:01
Buckshots are among the best of tires in my opinion, I used to have a set. yeah I used to be stationed in nc its only about a 7 hr drive from here.

Shamus Horan
06-26-2018, 07:03
I too would like to put 9.00-16 tires on my 41 WC-4 so I am looking.