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12-06-2010, 20:11
Had and armstrong MT500 wich was a brute to start and allways required the timing dot to be in the engine case window to start it!!?? (imagine the scenario..You out on patrol..enemy comes over the hill Shooti'n SO you shout "hang on a mo' I NEED to get my white dot in the window" ..I spose they wait? white dot in window you kick up and (yeah I know (just) what fits here!) (( but i will say..)and make good your escape.. So I exchange my Armstrong mt 500 for a electric start Harley mt 350. Heavy quite unreliable..and then..Just look at what I swapped that for...I am well pleased purs like a kitten starts 1st time every time (electric) or with just a prod on the kick start...and it has all military fittins. only done 7000 KMs. here's a picture

12-06-2010, 20:16
Nice Guzzi!!!