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    Nevada MV's unite!

    Welcome to the forum. I have seen a few other vehicles in Elko, but I don't know if they are on this forum.
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    Nevada - 5 ton's license plates pulled by DMV

    Motor Carrier registration is just for vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. Otherwise you should be able to get regular plates. Maybe someone at DMV in Carson City just looked at the declared gross weight and decided that the vehicle "must" be being used commercially based on weight...
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    Best caption for M35A2 or other military truck picture?

    My green footprint is bigger than yours
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    Pulsetech battery reconditioning units ??

    Has anyone ever used one of their battery recondition units? They are a little pricey, but if I save myself from buying 6 batteries, I will be about even.
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    New Guy from NV - Hello everyone

    Welcome from Elko
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    Monster Truck ATV Can Go Anywhere

    A friend of mine sent me this link. Pretty cool unit.
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    A Must Have?

    A little late for this year, but to help pay for it you can start a Christmas light installation business at least in front of garages.
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    HMMWV's for sale, no longer maybe, it happened

    WOW. Could have bought a HEMTT, saved a few bucks and got a title.
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    HMMWV's for sale, no longer maybe, it happened

    Got my popcorn ready. 10, 9, 8 ,7,...
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    Deuce Power steering question

    cattlerepairman That link was pretty cool. I'll bite, how did you do it?
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    Switch Panel Installation

    I am looking to add some accessories to me Deuce (interior fans, dome light, flood lights for the bed, etc.). Has anyone installed a switch panel for these or similar add-ons? One I am looking at is 24 volt and has a few different amp fuses (5 to 25). I am looking for an illuminated panel to...
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    Nevada MV's unite!

    Elko Bobbed 1978 M25A2C and M332 ammo trailer
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    LED vs HID headlights

    I have LEDs for headlights and added LED route clearance lights to the front that are wired into the high beams of the headlights. I love them, but I have not looked at or seen on another vehicle the HIDs. I have had no problems with the LEDs.
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