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    M934A2 Joins the fleet

    Awesome! How much did you get it for? I always wanted one myself. That looks minty!
  2. 1 Patriot-of-many

    M936 Wrecker shipping weight?

    Doubtful you will get any of the kit, unless it's listed by the seller.
  3. 1 Patriot-of-many

    How are ya'll locking/securing your 5-tons?

    Insured for agreed value.
  4. 1 Patriot-of-many

    Airpak rebuild

    Why not tell us instead of the look it up?
  5. 1 Patriot-of-many

    private messages full even though I delete some.

    I think you nailed it. It must be past time to upgrade again. Thank you and everyone that replied.
  6. 1 Patriot-of-many

    private messages full even though I delete some.

    Is there a problem with the private message system? I've deleted messages from both my sent and inbox and I still get box full when I try to send a message or someone tries to send my one. Any chance of making the message boxes bigger as well as helping me out here? Thanks mods
  7. 1 Patriot-of-many

    11.00x20 G177 Tires and wheels Value?

    What the heck are they doing on a A2?
  8. 1 Patriot-of-many

    m936a2 few questions

    That was a MWO IIRC. Mine doesn't have the MWO as many don't. We have to remember to bump up the RPM to 1350-1400 manually or risk damage .
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    What damage can occur if a M936A2 is towed without transfer case in neutral

    Wow how was this resurrected? It shifts fine except 5th gear lockup doesn't happen, Still haven't gotten around to figuring it out. I Just drive at 55 or so top speed. Gotta be the lockup solenoid but I just never get around to some things.
  10. 1 Patriot-of-many

    HMMWV Run-flats Installation Tips Needed...

    So how do I do the reverse? Say I want to install the beadlock or a runflat in a new tire? How would I do that?
  11. 1 Patriot-of-many

    Humvee has replaced injector pump--air leaking in somewhere

    Put a clear line on the pump to return line. If you have a bunch of bubbles it's obviously drawing air.
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Personally I would keep the CTIS, somebody on here said to use a pair of locking air line clamps to isolate the quick release valves one at a time then move on to the hose on either side of the QRV on that axle, then drill down from there.. I have a feeling it's the front axle left side that is...
  13. 1 Patriot-of-many

    New member stupid question. Leak

    No, constant air draw is not normal, you should hear a brief ssspt, as you select in or out. Sure it's not the CTIS moving air? I don't recall it doing that but then I'm getting old and haven't driven them a lot lately.. Try using a pair of adjustable pliers for leverage to turn the tank...
  14. 1 Patriot-of-many

    Humvee Radio

    I got a lot of my VRC-12 setup here: I don't think you're going to find one place with everything however.
  15. 1 Patriot-of-many

    Just a bit excited

    Congrats to the disease. Someone that lives 35 miles from me is buying my M931A2 with winch controls and PTO and tank. His first one. Took it for a ride saturday, and of course had to buy it. Also have a M923A2 that is sale pending to another member here, but he's had them..
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