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    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    Contacting the AG, police or anyone else is not going to help your situation here. It’s out of their hands. You need to call the impound company and just make them an offer. If you say I will pay x amount in cash tomorrow final offer they may just take it. And if they don’t agree to the amount...
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    Educate me on the dump...the M929 / M930

    You can meter the gate with chains to spread gravel but keep in mind you’re only going to get about five or 6 yards in it versus 10 or 12 in a civilian dump truck. If your property is really muddy or swampy, it would probably be good for that. If your property is fairly dry and you just want a...
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    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    What kind of help is he looking for? Does he have a plan in place now if he did get the truck back? Where is it going to be parked? Parking it on the street near some shopping complex is not a plan. On your property (not the public street in front of your property) or at a storage yard. keep in...
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    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    This is the issue. Why would you buy this without having a plan or place to park it? I honestly don’t see any issue with the city or county towing unlicensed vehicles parked around town. Can you imagine what it would look like if they didn’t? Everyone’s broke down POS or unfinished project just...
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    You can turn up the RPMs without turning up the power. That makes a pretty big difference too. If you do get stuck pulling in first gear at least you’ll have a little more speed. If you’re going on familiar roads and you know they are very steep, I’d just start in low range. You will likely...
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    Since it’s an A2 with the 8.3, bump the power up. Search on here, lots of info on it. If you turn up RPM and power it will be a complete different truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    nhc350 to 6CTA8.3

    Personally, I would swap the 8.3C engine for the 855 any day. More fuel efficient and much much quieter. I love being able to drive around without earplugs in. With all that extra space in the front you could install a fat air to air intercooler. Your front axle would be much happier as well.
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    Show your 5 tons in the snow.

    I can tell you from experience it will make a mess in deep snow. I have had mine in very deep snow on the logging roads with chains on all six tires. It keeps on going until you get too much snow packed in front of it. It will keep digging down till it hits gravel. Not a good idea for grooming...
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    1970 M813 Need Steering Gear Help

    I was able to adjust mine and get all of the play out of it. I think there's a thread on it somewhere, I'll try and look it up later. My leaks a little but it's working great so the excess is just rust prevention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sound insulating the hood - added weight

    How much of a difference did it make with sound in the cab and outside? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6 new tires on my M923A2, what pitfalls can I avoid?

    Curious to hear what he has to say about that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trailer Brake Question...yes, I'm posting in the 5-ton section

    Get an equipment trailer with airbrakes and be done with it. I have an equipment trailer with electric brakes just because I got a smoking deal on it but if I was shopping around I would go air brakes. Going electric brakes sounds like a great idea because you can pull it behind a regular pick...
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    M939 Series frame measurements

    It's not a race truck. It was meant to be loaded up and driven on unimproved roads reliability. It does that well. It's not a commercial over the road truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Full M939 firetruck service guidance questions

    Junk those tires. They are known to blow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    M813 transmission and transfer case fluid

    M813 transmission and transferase fluid. I use 50 weight non detergent trans fluid from my local heavy truck parts store. Napa should have it. I add a couple bottles of GM synchromesh too. Not sure if it helps but can't hurt anything except for my wallet. My trans and T Case shift much...
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