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    MRAP Lighting on M925A2

    Here are the two pictures that didn't work make it the first attempt.
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    MRAP Lighting on M925A2

    Since the cable from the power source (battery) connects to the circuit breaker box, power is there as is the solenoid that needs to be energized for the system to work. With the addition of a switch and some minor wiring, the solenoid can be energized with the flip of the switch. As shown in...
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    Post pictures of mrap 360 lights on 5 tons or deuces

    I have a new in the box light kit that I would sell for $850 if anyone is interested. Concerning the Duster, I had a 1970 Duster 340 4 speed back in 1976. Once the kids left home, I purchased a 72 slant 6 Duster. Although it took me several years and lots of labor and money, the end result was...
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    Post pictures of mrap 360 lights on 5 tons or deuces

    Search MRAP Lighting on M925A2 in the 5ton Mod forum and you can see how I mounted mine.
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    M880 "Ring Gear"?

    The ring gear diameter for the front Dana 44 axle is 8.50 inches. The ring gear diameter for the rear Dana 60 axle is 9.75 inches. The reason they ask is that some models had the Dana 60 front axle. All M880 trucks have the Dana 44 front axle.
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    77 M880 Won't Stay Running When Warmed up Under Load

    Check the operation of your choke. I have one truck with the electric choke mechanism and one with the bi-metal spring. The electric one works fine but the spring one doesn't work correctly. The choke plate doesn't open mimicking what your truck is doing.
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    New guy from Oklahoma

    Welcome from Macomb, OK. Nice welds. Are the wheel centers from the outfit in Wichita, KS?
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    M936 Overheating

    We I agree that spending time reading the TM's is valuable, some things are not addressed indepth enough. I have a M925A2 that started getting hot this summer.Since there was coolant flow through entire system and the fan actuated as it should, I ruled out a thermostats being stuck closed and...
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    New M923A2 owner OKC

    Welcome from Macomb, OK.
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    MRAP bumpers....who's using one?

    After modifying and installing the MRAP bumper, I obtained a MRAP light kit. I initially installed the light bar on top of the winch but then acquired a level wind for the winch. Because of that, I moved the light bar to the top of the bumper and bent some tubing for protection.
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    No gas

    I have several M880's and a M886. Don't be surprised if you find that the pickup has rotted off and laying at the bottom of the tank. Should you discover a source for a replacement, let me know as I have yet to locate one.
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    New Guy from Oklahoma

    Welcome from Macomb, OK.
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    Newbie from Tulsa

    Welcome from Macomb, OK.
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    Broke down possible compressor failure

    I recently experienced no output from the compressor. After a teardown of the governor, still no output. Removed the compressor head, which can be done with a great deal of patience, cleaned everything up and reassembled. Still no output. Removed the line on top and the side (the one with the...
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    eyecon 360 lights

    Having installed a kit on my 5 ton, it is only plug and play if installed on the RG-33 MRAP. The vehicle interface panel (box) has a solenoid inside that needs to be energized to provide power to circuit breaker buss bar. I did this by installing a switch on the top of the box wiith the 24vdc...
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