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  1. 69birdman

    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    How did you stretch the input line, it's tight with the OE cube pump. Have any pictures?
  2. 69birdman

    802-803 fuel pump

    The square pump fittings do swap, but the overall length now (90-pump-45) is increased by 1-5/8" , the hard line can connect but now the input line is a tight stretch to reconnect.
  3. 69birdman

    802-803 fuel pump

    The Cube Faccett, reuse the 90 & 45 on E8135. I've done a Cube to E1074 replacement, but not the E8135. Thought someone recently did but can't find the thread.
  4. 69birdman

    802-803 fuel pump

    Has anyone replaced the Faccett primary pump with the E8135 yet? It looks like a very tight stretch to get the inlet hose to reach ?
  5. 69birdman

    MEP 831 ran fine now Short Circuit / Overload turns it off.

    Do you leave the machine outdoors? I think they are quite susceptible to moisture & humidity. I live in Florida, hot & humid, mine was throwing the overheat fault minutes after starting. I opened up the fault indicator, no visible moisture, but I dried it out awhile with a hair dryer...
  6. 69birdman

    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    I think Guyfang quoted one time " If you don't have Popeye forearms", you can reach in through the fuel filler and reach the float switch to check if it's stuck in the low position.
  7. 69birdman

    Which NOCO Genius Charger for MEP-803A?

    I've had a Noco 7200 for a year or so now, recovered 3 10year old yellow tops & maintain 22 other various batteries, wish i had 2 of them.
  8. 69birdman

    Generator purchase assistance needed SouthEast 10kW

    003A's are getting far and very few on the auction sites. 803A's are still available, pretty pricey if they run, + 10% + state & local tax & GPs credit card fee. Then your recovery/shipping fees. I would recommend just looking at the above mentioned fellas offerings. If you can get by with...
  9. 69birdman

    Generator purchase assistance needed SouthEast 10kW

    Where are you located, I'm in Summerfield Florida. From what I've seen at auction lately, were pretty beat up and high prices and far from southeast. Jimmy has good units at fair prices. Perhaps he would part with one of those 003s that need work. I'd be willing to help you fix it up, I'm...
  10. 69birdman

    MEP-802/803/831 Generator Control & Parameter Monitor by WIFI Demo

    It is live data and does not alter manual operation at all.👍🏻
  11. 69birdman

    MEP-802 and 803 Main generator tip.

    Metal oxide varistor #14D151K, eBay vendor Dalbani ,out of Miami. 5 for $7.95 shipped
  12. 69birdman

    MEP 803a Fuel Water/Separator

    I used a strap wrench with nylon band, grab as high on filter as possible.
  13. 69birdman

    802 wiring question

    It worked, I sprayed the crap out of the plug & socket, and it's working as it should again !
  14. 69birdman

    802 wiring question

    Ahhh excellent, thanks Kurt ,it came apart easily, but top side does not ?
  15. 69birdman

    802 wiring question

    Yeah Ray, test button illuminates, switch test passed, following circuit through to k-1 ,I lose continuity between tb-5 & k-1 terminal- y ? Wanted to pull apart J-6 & spray some deoxit . This machine had a bunch of corroded connections.
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