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    Slantback M1043A2

    If the plates are original...doors have a 2 layer plate...outside is hard steel, and inside plate is soft steel.....just drill out rivets...remove plates...install some rivets in holes.
  2. 86humv

    Humvee Front Bumper Mount

    I have some...but only one side...I'll see if its the one.
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    Tachometer testing

    The yellow and black tach drives work the same on the 4 screw buss bar I tested a bunch with a drill and 24 vdc. I noticed that most of the black drives were on later 6.5NA GEP motors.
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    Powered Turret bearing info

    M1165 trucks did not have turrets...plate is factory. You can install one with that black adapter ring. The gear ring you have is not for that system...Its for a M1114. An M1114 bearing can work with that black ring by drilling 12 holes. I've had all types of these systems for years....before...
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    4L80E Info Request!

    There are 2 different 4L80E trans...early and late...different bolt patterns....your pic is the late one.
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    Hmmwv , cargo floor panels part numbers

    I have some if needed.
  7. 86humv

    Different turrets

  8. 86humv

    WTB: VIC-3 Mounting Bracket

    email sent
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    WTB: VIC-3 Mounting Bracket

    I have one available.
  10. 86humv

    2011 M1165A1

    Also...with that serial #...truck is a 09 or 10-2007 truck.
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    2011 M1165A1

    M1165A1 before S.N. 300xxx has Sheppard steering box and big Idler / pitman arm and link. and the rest is the same as earlier turbo trucks. S.N. 300xxx and above have heavy duty frame, wilwood brakes, bigger transfer case with radiator cooling, along with rear diff...and sheppard steering...
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    Two 15 amps behind dash are for Heater fan, and other to gages. 4l80e trucks have a breaker behind batt. box on a panel. Light switch has a built in breaker. There are fuses for other systems on M1151/65/67 trucks behind batteries on horizontal B pillar area.
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    Crossover tube—

    Ok...I have new 6.2 units also...Cheaper
  14. 86humv

    Crossover tube—

    If you have a 6.5 eng., i have a new crossover available.
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