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    Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

    He named his first kid Moon Unit. Guessing she is somebody who can stand her own ground...
  2. Another Ahab

    Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

    Good Luck with the move, Discovery9! Ever hear of Frank Zappa? He cut a ragged tune once about Montana, just might be the only tune out there about the's about dental floss. Zappa, he was kind of whacked. You're not maybe working on a Floss farm out there yourself, are you?
  3. Another Ahab

    Civil Defense Vehicles and Items

    This is an EXCELLENT project, plowboy. You GO!! Of course, the nuclear missles never went away, quite a few of them out there right now (live): - The touch of a button, and likely ALL of us are Toast. Aww, nuts.
  4. Another Ahab

    Where do you draw the line $$$

    Like waiting until AFTER the first shot at assembling something to read the Instruction Manual. I've done that so many times, I can't count 'em.
  5. Another Ahab

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    So sorry you had that episode, and sure hope you are on the mend and back at full strength! And, you know, there's a lot to be said for downsizing, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  6. Another Ahab you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    The saying goes: There are old pilots/ There are bold pilots/ But there are no old bold pilots :mrgreen:
  7. Another Ahab you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    I quit after 5 minutes (it's my attention span). Impressive. But any pilots here on the thread: - Is flying THAT close to the deck foolhardy?
  8. Another Ahab

    German CUCV owner needs information

    Wondering if someone here (in the U.S.) made the purchase and just mailed it to you, if all that Shipping/ Customs complication could be side-stepped? The U.S. Mail is pretty much a bargain (mostly). I don't know about all this though. If you find a source, send me the cost and I'd be...
  9. Another Ahab

    European Member List

    Maybe "start small", and then work your way up! It might be the ONLY way to afford any armor in the collection...
  10. Another Ahab

    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    That's special, nice rigs! What are the 1/3 wheel "boxes" on the rims. some kind of counterweight or something?
  11. Another Ahab

    European Member List

    Germany is well represented for sure, but there are folks in the mix from all over! That's fun!!
  12. Another Ahab

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Glad you made it home alright. That was SOME adventure for sure.
  13. Another Ahab

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    That is very cool that GMC had an historian on the payroll. Brilliant. The stories that get lost in big long-standing companies is almost a crime. I used to work for J.A. Jones, a global construction operation that was once pivotal in the production of Liberty Ships during WWII (literally just...
  14. Another Ahab

    Wrecker Owners, Stand up and be Recognized!

    That's real Gneiss!
  15. Another Ahab

    Wrecker Owners, Stand up and be Recognized!

    Congratulations on the new baby girl, Floridanson!! What's your "grandaddy name" going to be?!
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