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    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    I submitted my EUC May 1st. On July 1st I was notified that I didn't attached my ID with the paperwork(8.5 weeks later), noob mistake on my end. My EUC was submitted to TSC July 1st. I just got it back October 9th. I called once a week for the last three weeks and the last time I called I was...
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    New to me M1088

    Welcome gradechecker48, I looked up your truck online. Looks like you got a very clean truck. Keep us posted on when you learn and find out about it.
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    LMTV Grill

    Pretty sure he pulled his ad from the classifieds. I was looking for it the other day as well.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Sorry this is off topic, but wanted to share recent experience with winning an auction. I won a LMTV on 05/01/19, paid on 05/01/19, and submitted my EUC 05/01/19. EUC status states that it was submitted to TSC on 07/01/19(8.5 weeks later). Still have not heard a peep from them. Anyone win a...
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    FMTV High Speed Gears

    I would like lower engine speeds around 65-MPH. The CAT 3116 hits peak torque around 1,560-RPM(same with the DT466 I plan to replace it with when it finally goes). No reason to push it beyond its mechanical comfort zone. I plan to be running Goodyear MV/T tires at specified 90 PSI on aluminum...
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    FMTV High Speed Gears

    I just put in an order with MTP for 2.87 gears w/ rear locker. $5,980.00(includes $1,000 core deposit). Will be ready in a week. Thank you all for your help. EA.surplus has some rusty ones for $1,975 ea.
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    LMTV CTIS $10 upgrade to ~75psi for Highway

    Thank you geocoach. I will give it a go!
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    FMTV High Speed Gears

    How do we get in touch with Joe(in Oregon) for these 2.87:1 gears. Please PM me any information you have. Thank you in advance.
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    LMTV CTIS $10 upgrade to ~75psi for Highway

    What would be an issue with running the tee and switch with the 200PSI sender in place? Wouldn't this help get the tires up closer to their specified pressure rating of roughly 90PSI?
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