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    HMMWV Red Dot A/C Install Instructions

    For the ac compressor v belt to main drive pulley.
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    HMMWV Red Dot A/C Install Instructions

    What is your belt number. Mine ate the belt having issues finding one that fits.
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    Red Dot AC - Troubleshooting

    this ac is wearing me out, none of speeds are working now. Sometimes when I turn it on low and middle work but never High, I have replaced switch, replaced resistor, replaced blower motor, basically have replaced everything inside it, with exception of two relays which i am having trouble...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Installed new wheels and tires. 37x12.5x17 with Yokohama x-mt
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    Red Dot AC - Troubleshooting

    Where is resistor located? Any idea where to buy a new one?
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    Red Dot AC - Troubleshooting

    Have red dot unit. What would cause high blower to stop working, low and medium ac work fine, high nothing happens
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    Red dot wiring schematic and pics of wiring for blower unit

    Anyone have a wiring schmatic for the red dot r2400. Going to need to make my own harness. Not sure which wires are which coming out of unit. Thanks
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    Red dot ac r2400

    Anyone know where I can get a wiring harness for the red dot r2500 unit. Purchased unit and there is not a harness. Or does someone make aftermarket ones that work as well?
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    Red Dot A/C HMMWV Custom Install

    Anyone know where to source a red dot wiring harness and switch. Bought a unit and harnesses were not in box.
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    soft top red dot A/C compressor bracket

    Yes so I don’t lose a belt on alternator.
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    Snorkel stack

    Bought used high exhaust and snorkel stack. Anyone know of a place or person that has the stack bracket and bolts for the exhaust connections. Bother the stack and exhaust have the bracket welded to them but I need the correct bolts and appears the bracket for the stack that attaches. And...
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    soft top red dot A/C compressor bracket

    Any chance you have another 5 groove?
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    soft top red dot A/C compressor bracket

    Any chance you have another 5 groove pulley?
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    Cold spring ac with red dot blower unit?

    Looking at an ac system for the Humvee. Redot unit using a cold spring compressor and fans 24v. Can pick one up for good price. Any thoughts?
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    Finally got the Humvee off road!!!

    Finally did some off-roading today. All I can say is wow. Went through mud, sand, water with no trouble at all. Steep inclines in and out and just pulled through. So fun. Went down a pretty steep incline into a creek and then climbed out the other side. Water and sand. Never had a...
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