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    3D Printed HMMWV Hood Side Bumpers

    Interesting - I think I may have a different setup, since the underside of where the bumper bolts through is not accessible. That is, unless you want to take apart the rivets around that part of the chassis.
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    3D Printed HMMWV Hood Side Bumpers

    Hi Dave, these look great! Excellent application of 3d printing imo. Can I ask how you replaced them? I can't seem to find a way to get to the back side of the bolts holding them in. - Bob
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    HMMWV Insurance help please

    I live in NH, and just signed up with American Collectors Insurance. I just paid $403 for the year to cover a 2009 M1123 with 4k miles and what I'd describe to be in "very good" condition. There are a few catches (of course): 1. the truck has to be garaged, 2. you have to reasonably expect to...
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