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    How To Modify A Military Antenna Base For CB Use (pics)

    When this was written last year they had been very plentiful. I bought 4 for my trucks and this mod has worked very well. Times change, when I started in this hobby, Deuces routinely sold for $500 after a depot level refurb.
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    Lookinfor pinzgauer in florida anybody??

    There are a bunch of us here in the state. I live in Jacksonville and know a few guys in the central part of the state with pinz's. I have been thinking about selling my 712 but haven't listed it yet.
  3. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    Well it lasted 5 months. Now it is apparent that I need to have this welded up and retapped. Anyone know what the cylinder head on a pinz is made out of?? I expect it needs TIG welded. Both places I checked with asked me what it was made of and I didn't know.
  4. Boelt63A

    New member Central Florida

    Welcome From Jax!
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    5th Annual Steel Soldiers Florida Rally Official Thread

    Looking at the Weather forecasts for next week it looks like it is going to be Gorgeous Florida Wx!! I can't wait!!
  6. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    WEll tapped the hole and threaded in the insert. It looks pretty good and the manifold seems to have snugged up pretty good. We will see how it goes tomorrow when I drive it into work.
  7. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    Yeah, I will probably have to have someone weld in that hole at some point. right now I need to see if the insert will even thread in.
  8. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    So I fabbed up this little jig and it seems to have worked pretty good so far. You can see how far off the muffler shop was from where the hole should have been.
  9. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    Joe, that is what I have been thinking . Sort of like an exhaust flange with a short section of tube over one hole to keep the drill bit straight. O could bolt it in place and use it as a jig.
  10. Boelt63A

    Pinz Manifold

    well if it breaks off again it may be a royal pain to get out is all. but actually no, aside from that I can't think of a good reason.
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    Pinz Manifold

    I was thinking about having a jig fabbed up to bolt in place on he existing stud with a tubular extension to keep the drill square to the cylinder head but that in itself might be a project. Pulling the engine and taking the head off would probably be best but I sure don't want to undertake...
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    Pinz Manifold

    So I broke off a manifold stud and buggered it up a bit. I then took it to a local muffler shop who got the stud out and replaced it. They assured me the stud was in there just fine. That stud is now road debris somewhere. I am intent on fixing this myself and have the correct Timesert kit...
  13. Boelt63A

    No power=Bad Rings??????

    I have been having issues with power in my 712. I have replaces almost the whole ignition. cap, rotor, plugs, timed the beast, adjusted the valves. even changed out a plug wire that was questionable. The truck idles like a champ, but as soon as I put a load on it it has little power. It...
  14. Boelt63A

    New rings/seals

    Brannon, What did you wind up doing about your seals Etc? I think mine might be going. No power but it idles like a champ!! plus I have a synch tool. Cfhuck
  15. Boelt63A

    The tandem axle praises!!!!

    Let me take you back 18 months ago before I had the Tandem axels of a 712 under me when essentially the same thing happened.... Pinz's do not work well on three wheels!!
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