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  1. Carlo

    Department of Defense Control Coming

    I'm still waiting for a decent reply but to date nothing. No more controls. No more calls. Calm before the storm?
  2. Carlo

    Show your 5 tons in the snow.

    Good to hear from you aha in Jarheadmtn. I hope you had a good summer. Looking forward to seeing your photos again of Jarheads Mountain!
  3. Carlo

    Flat tire??

    It costs 70$ in the USA to fix a flat tire?? Wow! We pay €25,00 to get a patch on an tubeless tire and I thought this was bad. Make some soapy water in spray bottle and spray the bead ( after you re inflate if) and other areas to see if there are bubbles.
  4. Carlo

    daimler benz m 1017a

    The 3 main trucks of the German Cold War years (late 70's - 80's) MB1017 ( very rare Military police 1017 note non flat color paint), MAN KAT1 and IvecoMagirus 110.17
  5. Carlo

    daimler benz m 1017a

    Hi Derek. If you google the manual in English there are a few companies selling them. You might look for a MB truck site and download for free. Ive had over 30 1017's of different years production and never saw one with winch. I have experience only with German army equipment. Maybe another...
  6. Carlo

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    I won't say no if one no cost shows up at my door! I love that big cat motor the new British version has.
  7. Carlo

    Which APC is Right for Me?

    The early versions has gasoline motor. The later had V8 Tatra diesel air cooled. Much better but thirsty.
  8. Carlo

    M923a2 and a M105A2 trailer

    Looks good! The trailer makes the truck stand out. Nice combination David.
  9. Carlo

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    All of us including the veterans were new at this site at one time. There are allot of good people on this site with patience, and knowledge to help you including me. Post some photos of your truck when you can.
  10. Carlo

    M923a2 and a M105A2 trailer

    I pull a ex Bundeswher amo trailer with my M923's. The tongue is adjustable in height.
  11. Carlo

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Thank you GoldComet6 for stepping up to keep the thread going.
  12. Carlo

    Which APC is Right for Me?

    Pad photo. These are 432 pads. Each one has a stud attached to the pad and a lock nut fixing it to the link.
  13. Carlo

    Which APC is Right for Me?

    The pads can be removed one section at a time. Yes they do wear out when used on the road.
  14. Carlo

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Getting the equipment ready for a big rental. 2 APC's, 3 923's and the Chieftain. Rentals have been slow. A new customer.
  15. Carlo

    Actuator, Air Fan Clutch for M923a1

    Thanks I will give it a try this weekend and let you know if it helped.
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