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    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    You may be whooped but I bet you're grinning in your sleep!! Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Engine Swap

    I missed the "install" part of your question. I maintain that it takes 3-4h to pull the engine and as long or longer to install. I'm totally with snowtrac on that one. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Engine Swap

    Depends on your infrastructure. Overhead crane/gantry? Knuckleboom? Tractor with forks or bucket (they suck)? Engine only or engine and transmission? The TM has the play by play what needs to get done. Mainly... Drain coolant, pull radiator, unhook fuel lines, unhook air line, unhook wires...
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    Headlights flash with turn signals

    What Frank said! Something is feeding power to where it shouldn't go. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Converting a regular bed to drop side

    tobyS, see, I look at it exactly the other way around! I see hours and hours of cutting, keeping my fingers crossed that I do not screw up either side of the cut, then fitting a bottom channel that I hope will fit, doing the hinges and latches etc. etc. etc. stressing my marginal welding...
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    Curt receiver hitch for the Deuce, 18,000lb/1,800lb

    My first thought about the Deuce is that the holes for the trailer hitch are drilled in the end portion of the frame that sits behind the rear axles and is therefore not crucial for the weight carrying capacity of the truck. V8srfun, I know that there is a difference between the Deuce frame...
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    armament for MV's...

    Looks great, blisters13! In fact...up would look way TOO great. I cannot even imagine the hassle I would go through if I had a gun ring and that good of a replica MaDeuce mounted. I do like looking at them, though. Reminds me of the many events where "stale ammo" "absolutely had...
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    Air Force M35 differences?

    Hard top I think was standard on them. The only real difference that cannot easily be duplicated on a pre-1987 Deuce are the dual circuit brakes. What you won't easily get is a w/w Air Force Deuce. Not many winch trucks were made. But it's much easier and cheaper to retrofit a winch to an...
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    Turbo Matching

    That little tube allows a 1in ID hose to be connected and run to the air compressor intake, if desired. Often capped off because without said hose attached it interferes with choking the air intake with a board in case of an engine runaway.
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    Newbie needs some transmission repair advice, please

    2nd high in mine goes in best when rolling very slowly. It often hangs when stopped, requiring multiple pressing-releasing of the clutch until it slides in and if rolling faster than walking speed it definitely needs a blip of the throttle before it will slide in.
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    Decision on a knuckle boom crane.

    Looks like you have solidified a plan! :)
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    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    If the whole truck is a 1987...but not if they only dropped a factory new engine in at some point. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Decision on a knuckle boom crane.

    I can see why you would find that service crane attractive. For max. load, straight out, it has an edge. For practicality, a knuckleboom is hard to beat. The bendy bits are just super useful in tighter spaces. Also, close in, loading and unloading yourself, the bendy crane is where it's at. You...
  14. cattlerepairman

    Driver side wheel stud

    This is the RH thread. LH NAPA part is 6411211. Part Number: BK 6411210 Price: Availability: This part can only be purchased from your local NAPA Auto Parts store. Features & Benefits Duplicates Original Equipment In Fit & Function Warranty 12 Months or 12,000 Miles Whichever Occurs First...
  15. cattlerepairman

    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    Nice. It is a late production multifuel, 1987, and "TD" thick deck casting. All good things.
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