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    Picked up containerized kitchen

    where does one pick up this 303 Protectant ? thanks

    2020 Georgia Rally

    a go... I am still not sure if it's a go,I haven't received any reply's to my post.

    1953 REO Deuce Joins the Farm Motorpool

    Nice truck, I like that year as a matter of fact my first military truck was also a 1953 REO M35a2 made deuce with a LTD Multifule engine,Contentinal with a D turbo. air shift transfer case hard top, I then had to prep for a 300 mile trip home. all went well on the trip home with no problems...

    stencils wanted

    stars numbers etc for Vietnam era. m816 wrecker.

    2020 Georgia Rally

    can; we start a new post for the 2020 rally, can we start a post for what we want to sell buy or trade. can i have clinto call me to talk about having a mkt present, I pm you my phone #. thanks Wayne

    Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally

    can; we start a new post for the 2020 rally, can we start a post for what we want to sell buy or trade. can i have clinto call me to talk about having a mkt present so as we can start to get a menue set up for the days of the event and to set a price. My phone #.718 510 3228 thanks Wayne

    Garwood Winch Information

    I am in the process of replacing damaged parts in my 20000 lb garwood winch. and I have serched but with no luck am able to find any info on repairs or rebuilds for this winch, the only thing i have came across was in the deuce threads. what i need to do is replace the drum that the cable is...

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    Hooked up my m816 to my m932a2 to take to my friends house to work on the breaks and winch for starters.

    What did you do to your M939 today?

    Today with the help of my son and a friend we loaded a communication box from a m109 2.5 truck on to a m85-100 trailer and transported it to its original owner.

    Behr Paint Code - Home Depot Update 2019

    First i would like to thank you for spending your time to post the paints. My question is ,Is any of the green paints that you posted good for the...

    5 ton brass build

    Thanks for posting that is some really great skills you have ,love the out come!!! ? will you be installing a sound board , I know there is one from made by elmode , they are pretty good we used them in our 1/16 scale tanks and trucks.

    WWII Armor 1/16 Scale

    l used to go and battle there befor l bought my firstmv. and yes they do have a sound card so you can here them as the recording is taken from the real tanks. the tanks that you received in those magazines are of the starters. yes they shoot bbs have sound and also smoke. but there are the...

    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    in wishing all a great new year
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