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    Rust between tandem mount and frame

    Hi What is the preferred method of replacing rivets? I know how I've done it but wondering how others have handled replacing rivets on frames. Cheers Phil
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month September 2020 RUNOFF

    Now it will be even harder to pick. One of things I really like about both picture is they are taken curbside on public streets, now that's my type of neighborhood. Cheers Phil
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    Got my Light Material Handling Crane (LMHC) today!

    Hi All These little cargo cranes are a great tool if you do projects that involve lifting or moving more than what you can lift alone. Here are a couple shots of using my 3 Ton CMP and its cargo crane to replace the front porch main beam. Silly beam developed rot after 50 years just don't...
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month September 2020

    Well this month it was really hard to choose, lot of interesting vehicles, with well presented back story information. Thanks to everyone who entered. Cheers Phil
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    Widow maker rims

    Hi. They also make good catch basin covers, all the catch basins on my road were covered with them 50 years ago when the road was built they're all still their holes are just the right size to keep the culverts from getting plugged with debris. Cheers Phil
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    Woke up to Orange Sun, Raining Ash & No Power

    Hi First best wishes to all in the fire areas. Second, could the unexpected and unexplained shutdown come from a uneven leg load? I had to balance the 110 volt loads to keep my generator happy. Base 220 volt loads not a problem but lot of my 110 load was on one leg, not a problem for the...
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    Securing Cargo

    Good point about keeping it from sliding, once hauled 50 sheets of sheetrock flat on the floor of radio box of my 3 ton CMP no place to tie down. Only 10 miles trip to home, on the way guy ran a stop light in front of me, no big deal stomped on brakes truck stopped. But then it jump forward 6...
  8. CMPPhil

    Converting a regular bed to drop side

    Drop side bed has got to be one of the most useful body there is. To fabricate one is going to take a lot of detail welding to get it so that it functions correctly. Getting the hinges to work smoothly is probably going to be the hardest part. Obviously when you are welding it up it needs to...
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    Bed mounted accessory crane location INFO

    Hi It is mounted on a 1941 Chevrolet 3 ton know as Canadian Military Pattern or CMP, built in Canada for British Commonwealth Nations during WWII, hence they saw service on virtually every front. My particular truck has an M35A2 drop side cargo which has been narrowed by 10 inches. The...
  10. CMPPhil

    New guy from Canada, Robin Craig

    Hi Robin Welcome aboard from New Hampshire. Cheers Phil
  11. CMPPhil

    Bed mounted accessory crane location INFO

    Another modification I made to my hoist was to add a hinge so that it will lay down in the truck bed. Did this for a couple of reasons - First the door and ceiling were this truck is stored is to low to drive the truck in with it in the upright position. These hoist are a little to heavy to...
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    Bed mounted accessory crane location INFO

    Hi Your unit is very similar to the one I have in my truck. Word of Caution - be sure the locking screw on the swivel is back all the way out when unit is loaded. When screwed in it puts a spot load on the swivel tube which will dent the tube in time. On mine this resulted in the swivel tub...
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    Interesting driveline testing on LMTV by the Army

    Hi MrMikey Very interesting read, my takeaway from reading it was the truck failed to compete the test. How could a design with so many different problems ever made it into production with out these problems being found and corrected before it was accepted by the military? Good read Cheers Phil
  14. CMPPhil

    Greasing a Deuce

    What type of grease gun are you using? Reason I ask is I've had a problem with air powered grease guns NOT deliver grease when you pull the trigger. It feels like they are shooting grease but they are not. I've gone back to using an old hand grease gun on any fitting that you can't see the...
  15. CMPPhil

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - May VOTE HERE

    Hi There is a story behind those lab coats. About 15 years ago the Red Cross was transitioning to a new fabric for there lab coats that was antimicrobial and all of the old (clean) lab coats where being thrown out. A friend of mine who worked for the Red Cross thought that was a waste, so...
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