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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    one of the strongest forces inside a human is the force that fights against said person accepting they are/were "wrong" . The reality of being massively wrong esp. an evil result kind of "wrong" just puts them in a total panic that goes thru the same phases of dealing major trauma.... and...
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    Suspension lowering alternatives

    Some one used theirs on their trailer to make their tongue wheel adjustable. I would like to use mine plus two more too suck a wheel or two down. Say one whole side down for side hill traverse (additional safety) or say to suck the back of rig down when going down steep bank.. or opposite...
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    M1078 fmtv ctis

    When you get chance.. it is to more folks benefit to go back and upload your pics to here. you can use the url that tapatalk use to put them here. aka... tapatalk does NOT upload pics to a site.... they host the pic on their server and do a link in your post. every company that host pics iin...
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    Transmission seal leak

    Doubt it goes high enough. Guess you would have to build a pretty tall cribbing to go between tranny jack and Trucks tranny. Would worry about stability with all the cribbing making it taller
  5. coachgeo

    Transmission seal leak

    loos like you had a fork lift to help though. would like to know how you did it if not w/forklift. I need to remove two (and swap good one into other.
  6. coachgeo

    LMTV's show me your WINCH

    woooooh.... what did you do to the body? It looks like steel plate too.
  7. coachgeo

    LMTV Coolant Leak Diagnosis Suggestions

    looking for a new to you radiator...... or a "new" (NOS) radiator. huge difference in answer you would get
  8. coachgeo

    Transmission rebuild

    saw where someone did this with bed off..... then put cross bracing wood beams above the tranny and put a cherry picker engine puller above it. think he made it in a manner that allowed him to roll it back a bit too.
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    Fmtv no more dual voltage

    how would one circumvent that?? 90amp fuse or breaker?
  10. coachgeo

    Fmtv no more dual voltage

    1. so sounds like this bussman unit "balances" things on the output side of itself you could say with the input side being some form of a charger. So is what keeps the batteries balanced in situation where 12v is being drawn from 24v bank.... is that the battery/(ies) with the 12v load drawn...
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    Fmtv no more dual voltage

    what is Provost?
  12. coachgeo

    Fmtv no more dual voltage

    interesting that the bussman can also act like a 24v to 12v converter/(charger? ) what is the amp output of the 12v off the ? and does it regulate in anyway??? what is confusing to my feeble brain is the 12v connection to the bussman..... seems it is input and output.
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    Transmission seal leak

    If you are still running engine oil in the tranny...... use UV light leak detect system . put in the detect fluid in the ENGINE.... clean the area thoroughly. run the truck till she drips again.... then check with UV light to see if it was engine oil leak. IF light does not show...
  14. coachgeo

    More CTIS questions...

    so it sounds like to protect your ctis controller rather it be OEM or those building electrically powered (Adrino for example) ctis controller replacements; you should power it only after engine starts. Example use the circuit from oil pressure switch on engine that also excites the...
  15. coachgeo

    LMTV Alternator Disaster, engine now catastophic

    Cant claim any credit for this one. The links are NOT in my sig. line.... they are in Awsomeness sig line. see his sig line below his July 6th? recent post ..... link below there is also the parts spread sheet that is a...
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