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    "MEP Generators Versus Father Time"

    been there, done that. Ran one MEP-804 for 2 weeks with the radiator full of ground pepper to keep it from leaking so badly until we could get it back to base for a new radiator. It's what we had available, and it worked for a temporary fix. Smelled a little funny, and I got to argue with...
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    "MEP Generators Versus Father Time"

    Hours of use mean nothing on a generator. In the civilian world I work on Generac home standby generators. I've seen 10 year old generators with under 100 hours on them needing replaced because they are literally falling apart (salt air near the ocean) I've seen 1 year old generators with 4500+...
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    Complete rebuild questions.

    I'll second what Tobash said. By the time you go to the cost/effort of upgrading the transmission and halfshafts, you're better off just selling your current truck and buying an A2 truck. Most A2 trucks sell $4-7k more than an equivalent A1 truck, and the transmission and halfshafts are likely...
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    LPW2/4 12V starter suggestion

    I'll second that, you don't want to pull 12V off one battery if the system is being charged by 24V only. A converter is probably the simplest, cheapest option all things considered.
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    ECV front Drive shaft coupler help P/N

    yes, you'll end up seeing a lot of parts listed by one part number or another, that end up being identical. The website I linked above, Parttarget, usually comes up in searches of part numbers or the NSN (National Stock Number if you are unfamiliar) and is a great reference for finding any...
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    2009 M1165a1

    The exhaust has a bit of movement it can do because of the seal just inboard of the hangar. When I checked my tire for putting on snow chains, the exhaust was only an inch from the rubber. I kicked the exhaust a couple times, now there is almost 3 inches of clearance, should be plenty for a 40"...
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    ECV front Drive shaft coupler help P/N

    so the number you listed crosses over to some other numbers in Parttarget one of those part numbers is 6002629 , which shows up in TM 9-2320-387-24P, the parts manual for the ECV. item number 6 below. This manual...
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    What wheels are on your humvee?

    antifreeze. It's designed to be rubber safe as well as non corroding to metals. I don't think it has to be mixed, it can be straight antifreeze since you aren't looking for heat transfer ability in this application. The only real downside to using antifreeze is it soaks into the rubber...
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    Questions on the M998 Hmmwv Humvee

    helicoil should be fine for this application, as long as it is installed properly. parts manual will be the ones with -24P as the last few digits. the -24P-1 manual has the hubs in it. There is no gasket for this, use either Anaerobic gasket maker or RTV made for gear oil, as regular RTV can...
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    Turn Signal Control Unit LED Bulb

    I think he meant more about the differences between polarity and non polarity sensitive LED bulbs is more technical than most of us really need to know or care about knowing, as long as the dang thing works.
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    803 or 802 that is the question

    I run my whole house off of my 802. I look at it this way. I can pick one heavy load to run, and then run all the lights and entertainment at the same time. I can do the oven, the dryer, or the hot water heater. I don't have any other heavy loads when the power is out (the woodshop and garage...
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    Govplannet m1123 Barstow rebuild SF97 question

    "intermittent issues" sounds like "we don't always get around to clicking that box when we make the listing" I had the exact same experience 2 years ago, and the wording "sells with a clean SF-97" is a blatant lie if you have to purchase it separately.
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    No windshield M1123 - what parts do I need?

    It was even better back at Christmas time. Glass was $35 a piece, and they did a special for free shipping. I bought 3 pieces, plus a couple other parts, for about $140 shipped for everything. Of course the glass didn't get here until February, but they were just spares anyway.
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    Questions on the M998 Hmmwv Humvee

    First of all, you should go over to the TM section and download the manuals. The ones with -24P at the end are the parts manuals, and all the parts you need are listed there with part number and NSN. Many site sponsors, and AM General set up a parts website last year to sell directly to the...
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    Need suggestions on battery powered impact wrench for Airlift and front winch install

    I love my milwaukee 1/2", so far I haven't found anything it can't do that my older 3/4" pneumatic also can't do.
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