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    Speedo reads high- any thoughts?

    I have the GM parts book for 1984 C/K trucks. I'll see if I can find it. I think there was a website that listed which gears went with which rear ratio and sold them... I'll dig through my bookmarks and see if I can find that too.
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    Speedo reads high- any thoughts?

    On my 1009 I went and got the proper speedo gear for the transfer case so that it would be correct, I have no need to maintain 100% interchangeability between a 1008 and 1009. As for the cable, spray some kroil or other lube down the cable, then pack the top of the cable head with grease...
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    1987 SUBURBAN DIESEL US Property

    Yea, just a standard government issue truck. Nothing special about it. Probably came from the FAA. Joe
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    My 1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4x4 3/4 ton CUCV clone #2 - AKA: M1007 or M1029

    Want to sell the A/C brackets?
  5. Crash_AF

    M1028 frame length question

    Too bad you're not closer, I'd direct trade you a pretty clean 1008 bed for your service body. Joe
  6. Crash_AF

    M1010 inside dimensions

    Ok, I went through 5 pages of search results on the site and could not find this answer. What are the inside dimensions of an empty M1010 box? Thanks
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    Running power tools off the slave port?

    Electrical cord sticking out of the grille sounds like a block heater, not the slave connection. Joe
  8. Crash_AF

    Running power tools off the slave port?

    I have a Snap On 1/2 cordless impact that I swear by. It has never failed to break a lug nut loose on anything smaller than a deuce when the pack is fresh. I hardly ever break out my IR pneumatic gun anymore. Joe
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    Confusing 12 volt conversion.

    You need to figure out why #1 doesn't come on before you go any further. The Gen 1 light MUST come on in order for the alt to produce power. Just the nature of the design. Joe
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    Need a little help

    I'm working on my CUCV wrecker, and after paying the frame shop, I don't have a lot of disposable cash left. That said, I need a rear driveshaft for this thing, and having one made from scratch is outside my budget. Does ANYONE have or know of a used, fixed yoke 205 rear driveshaft for a 1...
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    what does the orange wire from the trans connect to?

    Yep, shifting... I meant controls shifting. That's what I get for posting while I'm up with insomnia. LOL
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    what does the orange wire from the trans connect to?

    It's for the kickdown solenoid. The switch is attached to the accelerator pedal. The vacuum actuates the kick down, but it's a constant source since the diesel doesn't make manifold vacuum, hence the solenoid. Later
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    Rusty, Recovry and Panzerwillie's Wrecker Builds

    I guess I'll toss mine in here too. I had the frame stretched 4" to get the 60" CA It's a 1008 with the 6.2 and TH400. Converted it to a 205 in case I go PTO on the bed. Also planning to add a Banks kit to it to get some extra power up here. Bed is a Sonic Low Side with a 480. Bed is beat, but...
  14. Crash_AF

    Wrecker Bed (A Good Laugh.)

    Hey Kenny, I've finally made some progress on my CUCV wrecker. I went with a 480 and have swapped in a 205 with the stock TH400. I'm torn on actually figuring out the PTO stuff and going electric on the winches though. Electric would be simpler, but you lose fine line speed control. Decisions...
  15. Crash_AF

    Confusing 12 volt conversion.

    Does your Alt1 light come on when you first turn the key on? If it doesn't, that's your problem. I'll bet you have a wiring problem between the alternator and the dash. Check the condition of that plug on the top of the alternator. Also make sure you don't have any blown fuses. Joe
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