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    Heater motor

    I just got a four seasons one a few days ago. $30 on eBay. You’ll have to take your old one apart and get the “bolts” out of it that hold the case halves together. Or buy a piece of #10 threaded rod. The bolts that come in the four seasons motor aren’t long enough to mount it.
  2. Crf450x

    Reverse light switch M813

    To do what you’re saying, sounds like all you’d need is any old brake light switch from an air brake truck.
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    NHC 250 safe power Mods.

    With enough money and time, anything can be done. If you want to swap, a big cam or n14 would be cool. Personally I am 110% happy with how mine runs with the turbo and a little more fuel. If fuel gets that high I’ll be looking for a smaller toy.....
  4. Crf450x

    NHC 250 safe power Mods.

    A big cam has more power potential because of the ability to use higher fuel pressure. People have put them in 5 tons. But you were just saying how happy you are with how it runs.......?
  5. Crf450x

    M35A2 Fab. Shop?

    A deuce has about the same power to weight ratio as a 5 ton. I’d guess by the time you pay someone to put a different engine and a roadranger in there, you’ll be spending $10k+. This guy put a 6bt in his. He’s on here but I can’t remember his name...
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    NHC 250 safe power Mods.

    Thanks for posting that! That’s a lot of reading. I’ll try to get through it this evening. Just remember those guys are in the business of selling parts/service.
  7. Crf450x

    NHC 250 safe power Mods.

    I really try not to argue with people on here but adding a turbo is not even close to that complicated. Will the stock cam and timing be OPTIMAL? Probably not. But they surely won’t hurt anything. And I’d legitimately love to see evidence of the dual fuel line deal adding any measurable power...
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    M923 Cummins Air Compressor Unloader Repair Kit Number
  9. Crf450x

    What's wrong with this NHC 250?

    Can you repost the video? I’m just curious what it sounded like...
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    Cab and Body Vibrations

    Yeah that would be nice. I’m sure it’s been done. There are a lot of high dollar 855s out there. I’ve seen balanced 5.9s and it’s a night and day difference.
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    Cab and Body Vibrations

    Mine idled at 550. I turned it up to about 600 and planning on going to 650-700. Everything outside rattled at 550 and some of it still does at 600. You don’t need a special tool. Just can’t do it while it’s running. Go for a drive between adjustments to get the air out.
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    Use of Diesel 911, fuel gummed up and engine knock w/o power

    You’re likely sucking air somewhere. Go back over what you have done. This thread is over 5 years old. May want to start a new one for your issue. Good bit of bad/misleading info in this thread anyway....
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    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    Best to not mess with the screw.
  14. Crf450x

    M923 13 Speed Swap

    If you looked at an a0/a1 truck right beside an a2 you’d see how huge the differences will be. A&H recon shop in MA is who built the a2 I saw. The guy recently had it for sale on fb and the ad said he paid $10,000 to have the 8ll put in.
  15. Crf450x

    M923 13 Speed Swap

    I feel like my 855 is a beast now that I have a turbo and fuel button. RR is always the way to go! I just can’t stand automatics because they tend to be unreliable. My 923a2 was the first automatic I’ve ever owned and it literally lasted me a week before it turned into a 3 speed.
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