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    Got my MEP-803 in today!

    Mine had the can adapter and hose but was missing the pickup tube. I threaded a piece of 3/8" aluminum tube 1/4" NPT to fit the adapter thread. I don't foresee ever using it. I keep a pump with nozzle in one barrel to fill my tractors. The MEP runs so long on a tank of fuel I just use my barrel...
  2. csheath

    Airtex G-17 filters

    Those are just a small wire screen inside. If you want to convert to something with more capacity and visible just get a couple of fittings and a plastic replacement. qty 1 of a 1/8" male NPT to 5/16" hose fitting qty 1 of a 1/8" female NPT to 5/16" hose fitting qty 1 of a NAPA 3972 I used a...
  3. csheath

    MEP-803A - Rain proof hood

    In their former life I doubt if they ever saw any shelter. Mine sits under a shed. That said I would have wanted the electrical end covered if I chose one end over the other. How many amps are you pulling in your load test? I don't think you can depend on the load meter. You can make any of...
  4. csheath

    How do "lift" your 1200 lbs MEP803 without a forklift??

    Those side slots are not likely to work with a pallet jack. The guy that loaded mine into my truck picked it up from the end with a forklift but it had very long forks that could get well under the unit. I don't think a typical pallet jack will work very well unless you had one on each end. I...
  5. csheath

    Steel drum AUX fuel adapter

    I ran a 1/4" NPT die over the end of a piece of 3/8" OD aluminum tube for mine. You could probably just use a 1/4" NPT hose barb and stick a piece of braided nylon hose on it.
  6. csheath

    This Forum format SUCKS!

    I think I'm about done with this new forum format. On my PC it nags me to turn off my ad blocker. I get that they want to make money to support the site but I don't agree to let any and everybody they choose to popup ads and track me so I leave it on. On my android phone it won't let me read a...
  7. csheath

    MEP-803A Pegs fuel gage all the way down past empty.

    I removed the strainer basket because it was corroding. I open the fuel cap and look inside. Problem solved. ;)
  8. csheath

    55 gal fuel storage drum preparation?

    I've had mine in use for 3 years now. They came with some motor oil in them and I just drained the excess oil and filled with diesel. No rinsing necessary. Mine are stored outside under a shed. I screwed some air compressor mufflers in the 3/4" NPT hole to keep them vented. The mufflers have...
  9. csheath

    Looking for information on multimeters, regular or one that also clips around wires? Don’t know much so brand, if permitted, model etc thanks.

    I'm on the cheap side of the fence. I have found many of the inexpensive tools will serve my purpose and save me money. I have one of the Harbor Freight clamp on meters. They use to have two versions of the cheap ones and the cheapest didn't have a hold function. It looks like they have done...
  10. csheath

    Generator Painting and Stenciling

    Great info on the paint and stencils. I will throw out another idea for making the stencils. I have a vinyl cutter I make some decals and stencils with. If you have your own vinyl cutter or you can go to a local sign shop I have found cutting stencils out of shelf paper works pretty good. The...
  11. csheath

    Snowed In - Running on MEP003A

    Better you than me :). Just finished cleaning up after our little rain storm. We were only on MEP power for about 5 hours.
  12. csheath

    Mep-803a as whole house generator

    Yes the water heater only runs one element at the time. Top element warms the surface then it cuts off and the bottom element brings the rest up to temp. The 803 may well do it but I didn't want to chance burning up a compressor or well motor at start up. I have loaded mine to 13,500 watt...
  13. csheath

    Mep-803a as whole house generator

    I'd say you have been lucky so far. BUT maybe I'm wrong. My house is a little smaller than yours but it's ALL electric. I will leave any two 240 breakers on. I have never attempted to run my 803 without ANY load management. I'm pretty sure if my water heater was on at the same time my well was...
  14. csheath

    How much generator do I need?

    I don't mean to offend but with that many questions I don't think you are a good candidate for a military surplus generator. At the current trend in prices I don't think military surplus generators are a good gamble for anyone. If you had a good mechanical and electrical apptitude and wanted...
  15. csheath

    Jump Starting MEP803A

    Just had to figure out how to jump mine. Both batteries were right at 12v but weak. I connected my truck to one battery and let it charge a few minutes then moved the cables to the other battery. On generator power as I type.
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