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    Weird Fuel pressure issue…

    So last night I pulled apart my original boost pump that I removed from the truck. There was NO fiber washer/gasket inside between the plug and valve, or anywhere for that matter. Im guessing those disintegrate over time? The o-ring on the piston plug was there and intact. Today is in the upper...
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    Why or Why not to buy a SEE Small Equipment Excavator?

    I think that is default on posting unless changed; probably just a mistake
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    Why or Why not to buy a SEE Small Equipment Excavator?

    Description: “Military Freightliner Unimog FL419, 370 Original Miles, New Tires, Needs some wiring, some new hydraulic lines, reverse doesn't work, bucket controls are frozen up. Air pump does NOT work so no ait operated stuff works. Runs and drives good except reverse. Ready to drive on a...
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    Why or Why not to buy a SEE Small Equipment Excavator?

    Painesville, OH. Zip Code 44077. Maybe 2hrs from me if that. It’s been for sale at least a month that I’ve seen. Started at $9500, now asking $8k. I’ll copy and paste below and capture more pictures as screenshots. But it’s a project truck, in my opinion.
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    Why or Why not to buy a SEE Small Equipment Excavator?

    There is one of these for sale by me, I REALLY want it for our 20acres, but wife says no…our tractor is good enough haha I attached a pic of what’s for sale
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    I am back in the MV game

    This is actually why I really do want one. Our house is about 1200’ from the road, it’ll either take a tanker to come back here and hope they have enough water on hand or about 1500’ of hose from the closest hydrant. Our population is only 2,000 people, so people/equipment are limited in our...
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    What is this for?

    This is 100% a guess; but maybe a diagnostic port?
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    Buying Specific Deuce RV

    If it was truly driven across the country I’d ask what maintenance has been done recently. It may need a lot. Also, not a bad price, but I’d certainly ask for A LOT more pictures; one isn’t gonna do it for me. I’d assume it has a good title. Tires are definitely costly, plan on $2k for worst...
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    MEP-802A Quizlet

    I’ve used it for other things. Essentially you make your own flash cards.
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Blower motor shorting to ground?
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    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    With fuel prices these days, I’d spend a few bucks to filter the fuel both with a small micron filter and a water separator and then add a gallon here or there back in as you fill up. Just my opinion. Might be a little work up front. But 50gals around me is close to $200
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    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    Honestly, this might be better off as a parts truck! Good luck!
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    Pumpkin height?

    Note…I did NOT check my tire pressure(it’s 20 degrees out so they’re probably a little low). Also, my tires have probably 50% tread left( so height/diameter is smaller). I measured roughly 11-5/8”
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    Pumpkin height?

    I will be passing through my garage shortly….stay tuned
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