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    Arkansan interested in gensets

    Hello neighbor. Welcome to the site.
  2. DeepSeaTadpole

    Hello from a Yankee transplant-to-be!

    PA to TX, that s a big move. Very different environment too. What part of TX are you moving to?
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    Wheel Lugs Right/Left thread

    How vital do you think it is to have the left thread Wheel Lug? I have to order some lugs and was considering the option of replacing with all Right Thread Lugs. Is it necessary to have the Left Thread? Is there a reason why this is even a thing?
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    New Member - Piscataway, NJ - 2002 M1083 (need direction)

    I would like to hear that it has become a valuable asset! I do hope that it does.
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    New Member - Piscataway, NJ - 2002 M1083 (need direction)

    I would be interested in knowing your liquidation price. But hopefully you make good use for it.
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    Muffler Replacement

    Quiet Your Trap! I have a fist sized hole in the muffler of my '84 5Ton M934 NHC250. Aside from the obvious original muffler, are there any alternative recommendations?
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    "Inventing" a "New Multi-Fuel Engine"

    What's wrong with the variable propane kits?
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    M38A1 Engine Troubleshooting

    Maybe get a non-contact temperature guage and monitor the exhaust manifold at each piston. See how much they vary and see if it's consistent.
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    Texas M934A1 New Member & Owner

    How much are you wanting for the Red Dot?
  10. DeepSeaTadpole

    Texas M934A1 New Member & Owner

    I currently have duallies. I want to go with the HEMTT in the front (or all 6 if that's what I end up with.) But I'd prefer just the front, and the combat for the rear.
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    Engine Cooling Fan, M818

    Anything to cut down on the noise would be an improvement, but the reliability of the straight drive is appreciated.
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    Texas M934A1 New Member & Owner

    Hello, Thanks for adding me. I've bought my first military vehicle. An M934A1. I'm looking to start some upgrades and would appreciate advice. I need an air conditioner! I'd like to upgrade the dogbones and install some 16.00R20s (already have the tires, but I need the CORRECT rims)...
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by CTC Surplus Tires

    Wooo Hooo. Please count me in!
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