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    Economical source for M998 seat cushions?

    I never found a source for inexpensive new rear cushions. Best I could find was a pair of NOS uppers and lowers for $135.
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    Stoplight Switch to Brake Pedal Linkage

    My experience was that the contacts are burnt right where the "sweet spot" is for making connection at the right amount of pedal travel. I pried one apart and tried to refurbish it but it was too damaged to get the sweet spot working. I ended up buying a new one.
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    Loud clonk while shifting gears

    An easy thing to do is torque all your half shaft attaching bolts. A common source of a clonking type sound like you describe. Every truck I've inspected has had at least one axle that needed its bolts tightened to spec.
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    Noise when accelerating?

    If you dont see anything obvious underneath, Grease your u-joints. Most likely cause of weird sounds on acceleration. Grease may be too late, though. You may need a new u-joint already
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    T/C Lock Light - How to unlock?

    When I received my M1123, it had the stuck T/C lock light. I took it to a nearby gravel parking lot and drove in a tight figure 8 once forward, and once backward. About half way through the backward run, it popped loose and I was able to shift it in and out of all ranges.
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    Mystery Dash Switch in 1986 M998

    I would use that switch to manually turn the factory fan on. I added a switch to mine that just breaks the circuit between the temp switch and the fan control module. fan runs continuously and cools things down even in AZ heat in traffic
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    Rear Main Seal part II

    premature seal failure usually has me wondering about proper surface prep, or excess crankcase pressure. Did you final clean with brake cleaner or acetone etc.? Have you ever replaced the CDR valve/hoses?
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    What is this ?

    Yes. Quite a nice gift. All that stuff is good to have on hand. That "Slave" cable is basically a universal military jumper cable and very expensive the longer it is. The start box as well. Hard to find now-a-days and spendy when you do find one. The long plank sounds like the 2 man cargo...
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    A2 fuel tank question

    I got my skid plate off ebay. They look flimsy and cheap but they seem to work fine
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    DIY, "DON'T BUY A" Cheap eB*y AC in a HMMWV

    What do you use to run the lines along the frame to the fender unit? The OEM hard line pair assy? or just long hoses?(2 door conf.) I found 1 OEM hard line assy but it cost more than the condenser/fan assy
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Fab work on a mount for the A/C
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Can't picture any "diagonal supports" for the C pillar...What are you referring to? The side rails for the soft top?
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    Outdoor winter storage cover needed

    There is a company called Transhield that makes fitted covers for military vehicles. My M1123 2man came with one. It looks like it was made to fit over a 2man MAK HMMWV during transport.
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    M1097A2 Oil Pressure on startup

    Definitely confirm the anti-drainback feature. There are identical GM filters that fit that are with and without the ADV. That would cause a slow pressure reading. For peace of mind, buy a mechanical oil pressure test gauge. Take off the stock oil pressure sender and screw in the test gauge...
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    New to Steel Soldiers, interested in purchasing first HMMWV

    Yeah, that ship has sailed. All that you will be getting that price range will be disappointment. Prices have almost doubled in recent months. Almost everything for converting a two man to four is out of stock at all the vendors. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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