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    LMTV registration in California. BUYERS BEWARE

    I just want to make a quick post to inform people on some changes that are taking place in the California DMV. I have a couple friends who are converting their trucks to RVs, and also including myself converting a Volvo semi tractor into an RV. What I was told by CHP and another member was that...
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    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    I built a new trailer for the camper. It was a flatbed that I put sides on. I had to extend the tongue a couple feet to clear the rear bike rack on the camper while going the through very rough terrain.
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    Adventure Driven's photos and videos of their M1079

    Are you trying to put the sun out of business? HAHAHA joking! Looking good!
  4. Duckworthe

    Dipstick Rerouting or hiding access to FMTV fluids- How did you secure this access ?

    OH dang! yeah, Walmart is a tough place. I wont drive my truck there! About the only way to protect it at Walmart is to place it (truck) in a huge steel box. But then they will just flip it over! LOL
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    Cracked! Something else to check on your FMTV...

    It did. But I switched it 2 years ago so my memory is foggy on it. What I do know it the original nut cam loose but was still held on the end of the shaft because the cover is close to the end of the shaft. I know threads came through the nylon.
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    Dipstick Rerouting or hiding access to FMTV fluids- How did you secure this access ?

    I’m curious to where you will be traveling where people steal or play mischief with your dipsticks? Chicago?
  7. Duckworthe

    Cracked! Something else to check on your FMTV...

    My new compressor came with a nylock nut from the factory and the paperwork said to use it and not the original nut.
  8. Duckworthe

    2 Bridge or not 2 bridge (behind cab with lifting sling eyes)

    I'm a firm believer that the only real reason it is there and so dang heavy is because the truck is lifted in the front by this point. I have found no reason as to why it cant be removed as others have done. You will just have to find other places to mount the MANY items that are bolted to it.
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    Another fuel issue

    Ok so I think it is time that I can make my honest opinion of the truck at this point. After letting the truck sit for many days and various starts of the engine, I am sure that the issue that I had at the start of the post are gone. It fires right up every time with no smoke and or stumbling. I...
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    roof mounted cab AC

    I can say that some of the parts that it takes to put this together are not cheap. The pulley alone was like $300. I have the equipment to make my own but without having the sample it was worth it just to buy it. Unless I was going to turn out like 50 of them it wasn't worth my labor. I'm...
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    roof mounted cab AC

    I have the military ac mounted in my truck. I believe it is the first gen unit, (two side louvered vents and a single round center vent). I used the stock condenser and mounted behind the bumper just as these trucks would have had them mounted. I have about $2500.00 into mine total to include...
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    Another fuel issue

    Great talking to you Pointman. I went out to start my truck the other day after using HHS, Hot Shot Secrets, in my oil and fuel systems. I added the product last week to see if it was just my injectors leaking that was causing all of the issues that I posted at the start of this thread. Well I...
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    Another fuel issue

    Pointman, Sorry I missed your call last night. I was in meetings. Feel free to call me again today anytime. Eric 619-952-4337
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    Older MV trailer.... and hooking LMTV (M105a2 for example)

    coachgeo, The Blissmobile box is only 12 foot long and fits with no over hang. So the reason that his trailer tongue is extended is because of the motorcycle rack and spare tire carrier that is mounted to the rear. It is a rack that lowers to the ground using a winch. The winch is attached to...
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    Air Brake Compressor Bendix M107981x help

    I was able to purchase the correct Haldex compressor from my local parts supplier. I took old one in and they sold me a new one. It was $400 but I was done in about 2 hours. Midland was bought out by Haldex years ago but Haldex still make that compressor new and or rebuilt. Since I got the same...
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