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    overcharging batterys

    Another thing to check is that the alternator voltage is evenly divided across the two batteries. For example if one was shorted or dead and other wasn't, the initial charging current / voltage would be too high for the good one. Once they're both charged then they should equalize themselves...
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    brakes locking up

    My old fuid came out amber and lumpy too. I ran three or four bottles thru my lines before it got clear purple. That was a lot easier the second time around after installing the remote reservoir kit. I figured my old fluid was DOT 3 or 4 rather than 5, which is deliberately purple. My truck...
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    brakes locking up

    It is very important that when the brake pedal is released that the master cylinder pushrod have a mechanical gap between the pushing end and the master cylinder receiving cup. This assures allowing the master cylinder piston to bottom out opening the vent port in the piston which connects the...
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